The Presstitutes Finally Got To Ask Hillary A Question: This Is What They Wanted To Know

The Press Finally Got To Ask Hillary A Question: This Is What They Wanted To Know:

Today was a big day for Hillary Clinton: her campaign plane finally arrived, and was set to take off for the first time along with her fawning media entourage.

It was an even bigger day for the press corps which after 275 days of silence, finally got to ask Hillary Clinton a question. This is how it went:

How was your labor day weekend.

Hillary’s answer:

“It was good. It was really good. The last moment [sigh] before the mad dash the next two months so I hope you guys are ready. I’m ready.”

There was more: another reporter dared to ask if Hillary has a “Labor day message?” Her response:

“I do, you’ll hear it. I definitely, definitely do. If you want more happy Labor Days, you know who to vote for.”

Meanwhile, Paul Krugman, in an op-ed this morning, said that the entire media was relentlessly smearing Hillary Clinton, concluding that “the world can’t afford another election tipped by innuendo.” We assume his head will explode when the “aggressive” media dares to ask Hillary what she actually had for breakfast.

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