Funding terrorist and laundering money as the world stands by and does nothing

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“The extent of the hypocrisy and total dismissal of wealth distribution for the masses is cringeworthy.
If we hadn’t concluded banks and bankers are nothing more than criminals in pinstripes, we have no excuse now.”


Funding terrorist and laundering money as the world stands by and does nothing:

You cannot fund terrorists without cash

The IMF released back in June 2016 a document discussing the global scourge known as drug money laundering and the financing of terrorist organizations. We have discussed both of these situations and as one might suspect they are tied at the hip and the same banking cabal has been “fined” in a court of law for both of these offenses. If the IMF, the UN or any government around the world gave two cents about either of these operations ending there would be people either in prison or in front of a firing squad for treason.

The soft sell the IMF is peddling is classic propaganda and misdirection.

In 2000, the IMF responded to calls from the international community to expand its work in the area of anti-money laundering (AML). After the tragic events of September 11, 2001, the IMF intensified its AML activities and extended them to include combating the financing of terrorism (CFT). In March 2014, the IMF’s Executive Board reviewed the Fund’s AML/CFT strategy and gave strategic directions for the work ahead (see below). In May 2014, the IMF started the second 5-year phase of a donor-supported trust fund that complements existing accounts financing AML/CFT capacity development activities in its member countries. 

If the IMF cared one little bit about money laundering and funding terrorist organizations HSBC and JPMorgan would no longer be conducting these outrageous crimes against humanity.

Here is a list of articles pointing out these crimes committed by these banks. I have intentionally used well known mainstream media sources so that I can not be wrongly accused of being a tin-foil hat wearing “theorist”.

For your reading pleasure:

HSBC Helped Terrorists, Iran, Mexican Drug Cartels Launder Money, Senate Report Says – Forbes

HSBC Gets Small Fine For Terrorist TransactionsHuffington Post

JPMorgan Is Penalized $2 Billion Over MadoffThe New York Times

HSBC Struggles in Battle Against Money LaunderingWall Street Journal

I have stated on numerous occasions this is the number one reason we will never see a complete elimination of cash. You can not fund terrorist – like ISIS, Al-Nusra or Al-Queada through digital currencies. These transactions must be completely opaque and cash is 100% guaranteed to be opaque. If not, then explain to me where the $6.5 TRILLION the Pentagon has “lost” or the $3 TRILLION that was announced missing by Donald Rumsfeld on September 10, 2001. – does that date ring a bell? It should, it was the day before September 11, 2001. How convenient.

The IMF states they have provided support, documentation and help “develop programs” to combat these global crimes that are obviously supported by the banking cabal. I ask, once again, what has changed during the past fifteen years of “support” by the IMF?

Here is a portion of the IMF’s supposed support:

During the past 15 years, the IMF’s efforts in this area helped shape domestic and international AML/CFT policies. They included over 70 AML/CFT assessments, multiple involvements in Article IV consultations and inputs into the design and implementation of financial integrity-related measures in Fund-supported programs, as well as a large number of capacity development activities, and research projects. The IMF’s broad experience in exercising surveillance over members’ economic systems, conducting financial sector assessments, and providing capacity development to its member countries has been particularly helpful in providing financial integrity advice in the context of surveillance, evaluating countries’ compliance with the international AML/CFT standard and in developing programs to help them address identified shortcomings. 

What has changed? Well let’s take inventory.

Ukraine – on the verge of being the powder keg for World War 3 due to CIA overthrowing the democratically elected government. Ukraine’s gold went missing, 134 tons in total, that was removed for “safe keeping” – no one has seen it since. The civil war that has been fought over the past four years has been a direct result of Victoria “Fuck the EU” Nuland’s captured phone conversation describing how the U.S. was going to put in “their man”. Well, wouldn’t that constitute funding terrorist? Just because it’s the CIA doesn’t make any less of crime against humanity funded by criminals.

Syria – ongoing ISIS operations that continue to morph and be a serious problem for the entire world. Will this be the powder keg that ignites World War 3? Once again we find the CIA’s finger prints all over this operation in the funding, training and arming of ISIS.

Afghanistan – global herion addiction is exploding. With Afghanistan being the worlds largest supplier of poppy, the plant that produces opium which is manufactured into heroin, has experienced new production records ever since the Taliban was overthrown and replaced with the U.S. puppet government. Why does the U.S. still have troops in Afghanistan? Is it for the sole purpose of protecting the poppy fields? Calling the IMF!! If I have this information surely you have it as well. Why does the IMF do nothing about this situation?

This is merely three of the larger problems we face because of the banking cabal being able to fund terrorist and launder money on a global scale. Wonder no more where the real problems stem – they stem from your 401k and IRA accounts which are hypothecated to create the funding these criminals use. If a person who barely graduated high school can find this type of information and begin asking real questions why can’t the people within the ivory towers with their high powered education do any better than have done? Why? It doesn’t pay the bills and allow them their lavish lifestyle of excessive privilege and luxury.

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