World War III Will Begin In Syria -The Common Sense Show 8/24/16 (Video)

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“The MSM have consistently failed to tell the truth. But their failings must not force us down the hole of believing everything the alternative media hype us up over. We must search deeply for a balanced truth.”


Aug 23, 2016

World War III Will Begin In Syria

As foretold in the Bible, Armageddon will begin in Syria and Russia and the United States are on a collision course in Syria. Details are in the video.


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The Prophecies Of Alois Irlmaier – The Roadmap To WW3 – The 3 Days Of Darkness (Worse Than WW3):

“Everything calls peace, Schalom! Then it will occur – a new Middle East war suddenly flames up, big naval forces are facing hostiley in the Mediterranean – the situation is strained. But the actual firing spark is set on fire in the Balkan: I see a “large one” falling, a bloody dagger lies beside him – then impact is on impact. …”

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