REVEALED: Warring migrant gangs engaged in bloody turf war near site of Spalding shooting

REVEALED: Warring migrant gangs engaged in bloody turf war near site of Spalding shooting:

WARRING gangs of migrant workers have been responsible for a spate of shootings across Lincolnshire, where three people were shot dead at a swimming pool earlier today, has been told.

Groups of eastern European immigrants are involved in a bloody turf war fighting for control of a lucrative black market in counterfeit cigarettes and alcohol, according to a local councillor.Victoria Ayling said local residents’ reaction to the horrific shooting at a swimming pool in Spalding, during which three people including the gunman were killed, was to say: “Oh God, it’s the gang warfare again”. 

There is no indication today’s events are connected to gang activity, with police saying they are not seeking anybody else in connection with the tragic incident.But the Ukip councillor revealed she has been informed of a sharp rise in shootings in the area, including reports from hospital staff about the number of eastern Europeans attending A&E with gunshot wounds.

Boston, just 15 miles from Spalding, is the UK’s killing capital with a rate of 15 murderous crimes for every 100,000 people.Mrs Ayling put the reports down to a bloody civil war raging between rival gangs of principally Russian and Albanian migrants, who are employed working on Lincolnshire’s vast farms.

According to Mrs Ayling, modern day slave drivers are paying workers just £2.50 an hour to pick fruit and vegetables, circumventing UK national wage laws by registering their companies in eastern Europe.

And she said trouble has erupted because Russian criminals can buy a counterfeit Latvian passport for as little as £200, allowing them to travel anywhere within the EU without undergoing proper security checks.

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