Record cold in Brazil city third time this week (Maybe)

Record cold in Brazil city third time this week (Maybe):

It’s hard to tell from this article whether they’re talking about the long-term record, or just for this year.

Vitória, capital of Espírito Santo, beats cold record for 2016 for a second day and the third time this week.

June 16 The morning was the coldest this year, with a minimum temperature of 16.2 ° C, by measuring the National Institute of Meteorology.

The previous record was 17.3 ° C on June 15. This was the lowest temperature in Victoria from October 6, 2014 when the minimum temperature was also 16.2 ° C.

Elsewhere, the National Institute of Meteorology recorded 14.2 ° C. At the local airport, the minimum temperature around 15.0 ° C.,84630afe9de492e18d95808256e7ef36rv9wub23.html

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