Record Cold In Brazil

Record cold in Brazil:

In several cities

29 Apr 2016 – The city of Urupema in Santa Catarina, was the coldest point, recording -4 ° C in the early hours of Friday (29), according to Climatempo.

Snow in the city of Serra Catarinense covered roofs, cars, vegetation and open fields over the past three nights. The last time the city recorded so cold was in September 2015, with -5.4 ° C on the 13th.

Still in Serra, frosts also hit the city of São Joaquim. At 08 hours, the National Institute of Meteorology also recorded -1.8 ° C in Bom Jardim da Serra, -0.5 ° C and -0.3 ° C in Caçador in Lages

Among the capitals, São Paulo recorded 11.8 ° C in the morning, the lowest temperature in 17 years for the month of April.

Florianópolis reached a record low high temperature for the month, with 9.9 ° C, which had not happened since 1972.

Meanwhile, Porto Alegre dropped to 6.8 ° C, not reached on this date since 1971.

The Rio de Janeiro had the coldest morning of the year, with 15.8 ° C, and Victoria too, with 21.4 ° C.

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