Romania: Blizzards and heavy snowfalls in the middle of spring

Romania – Blizzards and heavy snowfalls in the middle of spring:

Snow sometimes reaches even 30 cm (12 inches) as winter came again.

Flocks and herds should be grazing on the hills. The animals are now huddling in barns and farmers are forced to buy hay to feed them.

Until Tuesday Fundata, Brasov county, was green and full of blossoming trees. But on Wednesday morning winter returned to Fundata. Wind, and temperatures fell to minus 3 degrees Celsius and a thick layer of snow.

Last year by this time peasants already had vegetable gardens. This spring, due to frequent fluctuations in temperature, they have started to plant only flowers – which froze.

On Harghita mountains winter is full-blown. On many roads, machines patrolled all night to keep roads passable.

Snow removal equipment working tirelessly since Tuesday night on the roads of Miercurea Ciuc – Odorhei and Comanesti.

High altitude localities of Harghita county are completely covered by snow. after heavy snow all night. Snow removal equipment i uninterrupted patrols on national roads, especially in Bucin massive, beautiful and Harghita.

Also abundant snows in Harghita Bai resort, which was strewn more snow. Motorists are advised to travel with caution, especially since many of them have changed  from winter tires to summer.

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