Just 3 Charts … ‘There Is Only One Thing That Looks “Quite Good” And It Is Not ‘Economic Fundamentals’

Just 3 Charts:

Earlier today Fed President Evans said this “I think the economic fundamentals [of the US] are really quite good.” As the following three charts show, there is only one thing that looks “quite good” and it is not ‘economic fundamentals’…

Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago President Charles Evans says “we expect 2016 growth will be 2 to 2.5 percent and I think the fundamentals are really quite good for the economy going forward.”

“Joint economic outlook numbers weren’t really all that different” in latest SEP compared to December

Macro-economy? Nope…


Micro-economy? Earnings expectations… Nope!


And The Bond Market… Nope!!


So what exactly is is that Mr.Evans sees? Either he is stupid (PhD suggests otherwise), ignorant (possible), or lying (probable) since the only thing that matters clearly in the level of the S&P 500 – being above 2,000! Or was Evans’ hawkishness a sign The Fed is worried that markets are way over their skis once again?

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