Hillary Clinton At AIPAC: “One of the first things I’ll do in office is invite the Israeli prime minister to visit the White House”

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Americans have NO choice …

Source: Huffington Post

Clinton, without naming the president, tweaked Obama for his strained relationship with Netanyahu. “One of the first things I’ll do in office is invite the Israeli prime minister to visit the White House,” she offered to raucous applause.

The outreach to Netanyahu, though, comes after he has been as aggressively opposed to Obama as any Israeli leader has been to a U.S. president in the history of the relationship between the two countries

SURE!!! – I.U.


But wait, it gets worse, much worse …

Clinton also put the blame for the non-existence of peace talks squarely with the Palestinians. “It may be difficult to imagine progress in this current climate when many Israelis doubt that a willing and capable partner for peace even exists,” Clinton said, neglecting to mention that Netanyahu himself is not a willing partner and has explicitly and repeatedly said that he is not open to a Palestinian state.


Elsewhere in the speech, Clinton aimed bellicose language at Iran, promising more sanctions and an aggressive regime of oversight of the nuclear deal. She also damned the growing Boycott, Sanctions and Divestment movement, sidestepping the fact that some recent legislation targeting the movement includes language that also protects Israeli businesses operating in illegal settlements. Unmentioned was any Palestinian suffering under the endless military occupation.

Indeed, the remarks do fit her general foreign policy philosophy, suggesting her vote for war in Iraq was not a mistake made of political expediency, but flowed from a consistently interventionist mindset. Obama has described his foreign policy as being rooted in the idea that the U.S. should avoid doing “stupid shit.” Clinton has disagreed, saying privately that “great nations need organizing principles, and ?‘Don’t do stupid stuff’ is not an organizing principle.” She quickly apologized for that one, as she has apologized for her Iraq war vote. But she also condemned Obama privately for failing to attack Syria after it crossed his “red line.”

“If you say you’re going to strike, you have to strike. There’s no choice,” Clinton said immediately after, according to Goldberg, who also reported Obama’s private retort to the argument: “Dropping bombs on someone to prove that you’re willing to drop bombs on someone is just about the worst reason to use force.”

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