Ice Bridge Collapses At GROWING Argentina glacier (Video)


Ice bridge collapses at GROWING Argentina glacier – Video:

You might mistakenly assume the collapse came about because of global warming. That’s because articles about the collapse fail to mention that the glacier is growing. Yes, GROWING.

So how did ABC News handle it? They spun it this way:

“Experts said the collapse has nothing to do with climate change and was instead all to do with physics.”

Funny, isn’t it? The glacier is receding? Oh my God, it’s global warming! The glacier is advancing? Oh, that’s just “physics.”

Anyway, nature put on a stunning show for the 2,000 tourists and locals gathered at a catwalk to witness the collapse of the ice bridge at the Perito Moreno Glacier at 10.56 this morning.

The ice-bridge collapse is a regular occurrence, coming every three to four years according to National Parks Argentina.

Here’s how it works. As the Perito Moreno ice field advances toward the southern arm of Lake Argentina, it creates an ice dam.

As the water builds up behind the dam, it creates a tunnel through the glacier, thus forming the famous ice bridge.

The constant water flow of water through the tunnel gradually eats at the ice, leading to  spectacular ruptures.

The arch of ice that fell was 250 meters (820 ft) wide and 70 meters (229 ft) high –  the height of a 22-story building – and sent massive waves into Lake Argentina, spectators said.

With all stations in Argentina aiming their cameras at the glacier, the phenomenon was broadcast live to thousands of people watching on television.

Those lucky enough to witness the event in person clapped when the ice hit the water, making a striking thunder-like sound.

See longer video here:

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