Migrant Rape Cover-Up: HuffPo, Indy, AND United Nations Claim Cologne Attackers ‘Not Refugees’, German Prosecutor: ‘Total Nonsense’


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Left Media Migrant Rape Cover-Up: HuffPo, Indy, AND United Nations Claim Cologne Attackers ‘Not Refugees’, German Prosecutor: ‘Total Nonsense’:

Mainstream media outlets have been blasted for peddling “total nonsense” today as left-wing newspapers coalesced to claim with one voice that “only three” of the suspects involved in Cologne’s mass migrant rape on New Year’s Eve were recent migrants or refugees.

But Cologne’s prosecutor, Ulrich Bremer, has said that the claim is “total nonsense” after an interview with German paper Die Welt this weekend was misinterpreted and reported in a way that the left-wing outlets wanted, rather than what the truth was.The Huffington Post, the Independent, the Metro, and Russia Today all jumped on clumsy reporting from liberal outlets on the European continent, going so far as to heavily editorialise their news copy on the issue.

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