Migrant Crisis: NEUMUNSTER, Germany – Train Sex Assault

04/02/2016 NEUMUNSTER, Germany – Migrant Train Sex Assault

Two asylum seekers from Macedonia are accused of sexually assaulting two sets of two women on a train by exposing themselves to the girls and harassing them. The two 23 year old men first started exposing themselves to two women on the train from Elmshorn to Neumünster in a private compartment and then moving to another compartment and doing to the same thing to another pair.

Both pairs of women described similar actions taken by the migrants. They blocked the paths of escape and groped the women while attempting to expose themselves to them. After escaping the men all four women reported them to police who arrested them and found that they were asylum seekers living in an asylum centre in Boostedt according to a press report from the German Federal Police.


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