Hamid Karzai: U.S. not Interested in Winning ‘War on Terror’ (Video)

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“I watched this interview on RT. Karzai was quite forthright & seemingly honest in his assessment of US hegemony.
All he asked for was for Afghanistan to be left alone in peace to rebuild its natural economy without interference from the middle men in the CIA.”

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Karzai: U.S. not Interested in Winning ‘War on Terror’:

The US is arming the Haqqani network, a group he said is proven to be an arm of ISIS. 

According to Hamid Karzai, former President of Afghanistan, the United States has no intention or interest in winning the war on terror. He explains what he called the ‘American double policy’ that includes arming the Haqqani network, a group he said is proven to be an arm of ISIS. “it was this that caused… and other facts that were available to us, that we have heard from Americans time and again,” explained Karzai.

The former president went further to criticize the Americans because of their duplicitous role in his country in what he said was a counter-productive strategy. “You cannot be helping the victim and the perpetrator of an atrocity at the same time. If they are with us, fighting against terrorism, they should not be with those who are supporting terrorism.”

In a recent television interview, Karzai, said to Sophie Shevardnadze that, despite public statements by American officials, there are more radicalism in Afghanistan today than 14 years ago, when the US declared war on terror.

Karzai said that if the United States did not accept that its military intervention in Afghanistan was a failure, perhaps the American regime should give an explanation about what else is the reason. We have questions, too, here in Afghanistan, as people have questions around the world,” said Karzai.

The former president’s statement about the American failure in Afghanistan comes while US president, Barack Obama, managed to negotiate a new extension for American troops to stay in Afghanistan into 2016.

The question is, what will American troops achieve in one more year that they have not been able to get done in 14 years?

As far as Afghan responsibility in the failure to contain terrorism in his country, Karzai said the same he has been saying for many years: “The Afghan forces are, no doubt, heroic, no doubt they fight very well, no doubt they are trying to defend their country, but the Afghan forces are not properly equipped, they don’t have the right weaponry and right elements needed, as far as the military training and all of that is concerned to provide a good defence of the country.”

When asked about American bombings in Afghanistan that are supposed to aid the Afghan military to get rid of the Taliban, Karzai said he has opposed bombings from the beginning. “if we want to succeed against terrorism, we must go to the sanctuaries, we must go to the training grounds, we must go to those who finance them and support them. Unless we stop that, we are only causing harm to civilians in Afghanistan.”

You can watch the complete interview with Hamid Karzai below.

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  1. March 2006 went on a few clear and secure ops in Bahram Shah, Mandi Sar , and another one somewhere in Afghanistan
    He personally went to many known opposition strongholds to have sit downs after we had dealt with the counter narc and counter ins targets.
    Never spoke to the guy, seemed nice and genuine enough though

    His brother in law on the other hand was the biggest optium Lord in afghanistan wound up in bed with…them, assassinated in 2010 if memory serves, just as an ISAF withdrawal was about to begin. Conducted OP’s on his ‘holiday home’ a few times when on FP jobs, which is located about 5 miles from Karzai’s home town, and was killed in a village 60 miles west of there

    Just to add some personal knowledge


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