Forbidden Knowledge : Advanced Ancient Technology (Video)

H/t reader Judyth:

“This video is worth watching if you are interested in the pyramids ability to generate electricity. Granite is not the main rock used in the construction, dolomite Limestone is. It is then insulated by an outer layer of tura limestone. Tura Limestone acts as the insulator and Dolomite acts as the conductor. The video explains in more detail and is definately worth a look if you are interested in the Pyramids. It is definately not a tomb. The ancients had incredible knowledge and were more in touch with the natural forces of our earth. “

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  1. Judyth,
    Many thanks for that, the mystery surrounding the Pyramids will always be a source of wonder to me, having been fortunate enough to visit Giza. The new wall is sinister though, yet typical of all new regimes.
    May I recommend “Forbidden History” a book compiled by J. Douglas Kenyon, which, together with “Forbidden Archeology” by Cremo & Thompson, leave one wondering what we were actually taught at school.
    Of course, where I am, History has been removed from the school curriculum courtesy lying Prime Minister Tony Bliar so future generations won’t even know where the Pyramids are.


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