Record Snow In Siberia

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Record snow in Siberia:

Record for the entire month of September.

21 Sep 2015 – Specialists portal recalled that last week, that is, in mid-September in Krasnoyarsk observed “it is winter landscapes.”

Snow fell in almost all regions of Siberia, and in some places even formed a temporary snow. In Evenkia its height in some places has already reached 6 – 10 cm.

And in Khakassia in the weather station “Nenastnaya (Rainy)”, which is located in the Kuznetsk Alatau at an altitude of nearly 1,200 meters, laid quite impressive drifts: the middle of the week – 46 cm.

This is a record value for the entire month of September . Previous extreme value was exceeded by almost a third.

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Reader’s comment: The article tries to blame the early appearance of snow in Siberia on “overheating of the Arctic”.

“According to NASA, is now an area of ??ice to 2 million square kilometers less than the norm, this corresponds to the warming of 2-3 degrees”. Yeah, cooling is the new warming.

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