Poll: 33% Can’t Name A Single First Amendment Right


Poll: 33% Can’t Name A Single First Amendment Right:


Thursday marked the 228th anniversary of the signing of the Constitution which took place in 1787. To commemorate the occasion, USA Today released a poll showing the percentage of the population who can name their First Amendment rights. And the numbers aren’t good.

Of the five rights covered under the First Amendment, thirty-three percent could not name even one of them. What’s worse is only 57% were able to name freedom of speech, clearly the most popular of the bunch. Nineteen percent named freedom of religion. Tied at 10% was both freedom of the press and the right to assemble. The prize for most overlooked goes to the right to petition, garnering only two percent. (The chart does not indicated how many were sampled.)

These abysmal findings aren’t the only ones of their kind. Back in July, MRCTV sent Dan Joseph to interview visitors who had just come out of the National Archives in Washington, D.C., home to the original copy of the Bill of Rights — where the people had just been looking at the document itself — and yet when they were asked to name their First Amendment rights, they couldn’t!

His man-on-the-street interview brings this poll to life:

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  1. There is a quote in the Bible which reads “The meek shall inherit the earth.”
    I think it was mistranslated, and really said “The mindless shall inherit the earth” and it has already happened.


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