Obama Renews 14-Year-Long National Emergency Proclaimed by Bush


Obama Renews 14-Year-Long National Emergency Proclaimed by Bush:

President Barack Obama has renewed the declaration of emergency over the United States that his predecessor George W. Bush first proclaimed following the al-Qaeda terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

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  1. There is even a deadlier reason. When Ronald Reagan took office, he passed a law that received little attention at the time. I was disturbed by it, but most paid no mind. It gives the president the right to dissolve congress in event of a national emergency.

    As history will prove, every dictator or king given that power eventually uses it, especially if his power is threatened…….

    The corporate president renews an illegal 14 year law instituted by the puppet put in by the Florida Supreme court in the Coup of 2000. It gave the losing candidate the office, and fool Americans slept through it, enabled by a muzzled corporate media. Americans slept too long. Now awake, they confront horrors too terrible to contemplate. Now, they are subject to the allure of a man like Trump who will be the GOP candidate for president.

    If the DNC is fool enough to run retread clinton or biden, against him, they will lose. The only guy who can beat Trump is Sanders, yet they continue to sideline him. Like Trump, he is a new candidate, offering alternatives to the old political rule book which people are sick of, and he is building grass roots support in the hundreds of thousands using the web.

    If Trump were to win the White House, it would enter in a fascist state not seen since Germany in the 1930s……He is every bit as dangerous. His rhetoric is carefully crafted, the Logos/Pathos rule of propaganda playing to the low information voters, and those who feel they have lost all, to those who fear losing their jobs……..they add up to the majority of Americans. He even refers to the Silent Majority, last used by Nixon in 1968.

    The rest of the republicans are talking about illegal immigration and Iran, nobody cares, they sound like gibbering idiots.

    88% of Americans are worried about the economy. Trump unceasingly plays to them, to the disenfranchised, the long term unemployed, wounded vets who are not getting care, people struggling to put food on the table…….His rhetoric is a classic propaganda model, and it is working.

    God help western civilization if he becomes president. It is indicative of our depth of corruption such people are considered as candidates for president.


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