1 thought on “This Is Not A Retest – Its A Live Bear!”

  1. This is an excellent article. I would urge everyone to look carefully at the charts of the Brazilian economy…..it is a mirror image of the US.

    David Stockman, believes as I do that we are in the midst of a global deflation…..and this article shows clearly how dependent the US economy is on other nations. In this article, it is Brazil.

    The myth that the US economy is now at full employment, regardless the long term joblessness has jumped to 94 million, is idiotic. All the false economic channels are promoting the need for a FED rate increase….”The US economy is healthy & won’t be affected by global events”…….This might have been true 40 years ago………….but no longer.

    The happy horseshit spin is masking a growing desperation. It is a bit like telling hungry people the pangs they feel in their middle isn’t real, that they just finished a steak dinner…….


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