1 thought on “This Market Is a “Wheelbarrow of Dynamite” Waiting to Blow”

  1. I read this article somewhere else yesterday.

    I sincerely doubt there will be a QE 4, too much has changed in the US economic standing.

    Electronic currencies, introduced in 2010 has rendered the need for any world reserve currency obsolete. This has thrown a huge monkey wrench into the power of the US dollar. The dollar used to be used in every international trade in the world……No longer. Electronic currencies accept each nation’s currency, translates its value at the time of the transaction, making conversion to any world reserve currency obsolete. Since 2010, much of the world has adopted the electronic currencies, the main holdouts have been the Euro zone and Japan……

    The US is no longer the economic center of the world……much of our innovation and MFG has been sent off to other countries. We no longer control the global economy. All our economic, social and political statistics are blatant lies………..We have lost all credibility.

    The US stock market is controlled by a few individuals who handle hundreds of millions in funds. They play it like a musical instrument…………until it goes out of tune……The global markets have far more power than US greedy guts would like known. Last week was a forerunner of what is to come.


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