Citigroup Chief Economist Thinks Only “Helicopter Money” Can Save The World Now


Citigroup Chief Economist Thinks Only “Helicopter Money” Can Save The World Now (ZeroHedge, Aug 29, 2015):

Having recently explained (in great detail) why QE4 (and 5, 6 & 7) were inevitable (despite the protestations of all central planners, except for perhaps Kocharlakota – who never met an economy he didn’t want to throw free money at), we found it fascinating that no lessor purveyor of the status quo’s view of the world – Citigroup’s chief economist Willem Buiter – that a global recession is imminent and nothing but a major blast of fiscal spending financed by outright “helicopter” money from the central banks will avert the deepening crisis. Faced with China’s ‘Quantitative Tightening’, the economist who proclaimed “gold is a 6000-year old bubble” and cash should be banned, concludes ominously, “everybody will be adversely affected.”


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  1. I don’t care what he says.
    QE 4 would help only a few greedy guts, and continue the falling value of the dollar……
    I don’t think they can do it. The USD has lost much of its world power as electronic currencies have replaced the need for any world reserve currency, let alone the over-extended USD……

    They are claiming we are at full employment, real estate starts are at record highs, ETC. I don’t see QE 4, but I have been wrong before…….I think they are going to have to start tightening, if they don’t, the dollar could well collapse from over printing and no oversight.

    The US economy is no longer the central global one……… has been gutted.
    We have slid a long way since 2009……


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