Bob Woodward Compares Clinton Emails To Nixon Tapes, Warns “Answers Won’t Be Pretty”

Bob Woodward Compares Clinton Emails To Nixon Tapes, Warns “Answers Won’t Be Pretty” (ZeroHedge, Aug 18, 2015):

“Follow the trail here,” veteran Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward told MSNBC, as he compared Hillary Clinton’s private email account to the Nixon tapes. As The Hill reports, Woodward concluded that the fight over Clinton’s emails wouldn’t end soon: “This has to go on a long, long time…and the answers are probably not going to be pretty.”

2 thoughts on “Bob Woodward Compares Clinton Emails To Nixon Tapes, Warns “Answers Won’t Be Pretty””

  1. She is just another worn out retread. She is just a bureaucrat obsessed with power and status. If the democrats run her, they will lose. She is divisive, baggage laden and secretive. Her Bush styled stonewalling is very unattractive and breeds more distrust.

    Both parties are in danger of losing any relevance they have left because they show no viable difference between them. Running retread rejects as “front runners” regardless they are not isn’t the answer. That old lady needs to go away, or Sanders will whip her just as Obama did last time. There is a distinct reason for this; people don’t like her…..I’m not the only one.

    Trump may well win the republican nomination because the other candidates look like idiots by comparison. When the Fox news person asked if the candidates would all support the winning candidate no matter what, Trump alone said he would not. People are so sick of the same old loser retreads who fear to speak their mind on anything, and would do anything to win the nomination that Trump looked attractive by comparison.

    If Trump wins the republican nomination, he might win the presidency. He is an insider of the worst type, he is a billionaire who has made a fortune playing inside the game. His outsider image is as false as Sander’s……both are insiders; and benefit by the status quo….

    Of the two, I prefer Sanders, at least his rhetoric. After the fraud Obama wrought, I know how little rhetoric can mean; I have no faith in the existing system, today’s election process is a joke. No one can change Washington, it is held in a corporate choke hold thanks to Citizens United ruling by the supreme court. The voices of the people were essentially shut down.

    The system will blow up, there is no way to repair it. Like a finely engineered machine that ran too long without careful maintenance, it has become totally corrupted. All checks and balances so wisely installed have been deleted. All power is now centered in the executive branch, followed by a complicit court and an impotent congress.

    Ronald Reagan passed a law giving the president the power to dissolve congress in event of a national emergency…..history teaches such powers are eventually exercised. The system has already lost effectiveness, it will go on only until it blows up from lack of maintenance.

    The fact such pathetic candidates can even be considered as president ought to clearly illustrate to anyone who thinks how far down we have fallen. I am ashamed for America.


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