“They Have To Go”; Trump Vows To Deport All Illegal Immigrants

–  “They Have To Go”; Trump Vows To Deport All Illegal Immigrants (ZeroHedge, Aug 16, 2015):

“We’re going to keep the families together, but they have to go. We will work with them. They have to go. Chuck, we either have a country, or we don’t have a country.”


5 thoughts on ““They Have To Go”; Trump Vows To Deport All Illegal Immigrants”

  1. How about including the jews, congress, the Senate, the European Parliament & UK Government?

    Now we’re talking.

    Next we go for the banksters.

  2. Its a cheap, political ploy to get right wing votes. Mexicans stopped coming to the US over ten years ago because there are more jobs in Mexico than in the US. Many MFG centers have opened there, and they have jobs that pay better than the US.

    Export the Jews? Stanley, I recommend you read some German history, from 1921-1945.

    As for dumping Congress and the banksters, I agree. But, it is the lazy US voters who sat silently and did nothing when the Coup of 2000 happened, they slept through it. Now, as terrible as it has gotten, they still look to blame someone but themselves.

    It wasn’t the Jews who caused the Coup of 2000. The Bush family made their fortune working with the Nazis in the 1930s and 1940s, when this nation and Russia sided with Great Britain, and took them on. Were it not for Russia and their incredible fighting skills, we might all be speaking German now…….Somehow, that fact is seldom covered in US history classes…….

    Blaming one group of people for the misery of all is a very dangerous thing to do. Most people have little logic and operate on emotion. It is to this group that Trump is appealing…….he might well win the Republican nomination because he has tapped into the disbelief, fear, sense of displacement and overall rage of millions; the standard of living of millions have been destroyed.

    Trump’s presence in that fake debate is the only reason millions tuned in giving FOX the biggest viewership it ever received….Even I copied it on my DVR. I could only stomach about half of it, but Trump walked away with all the chips. The fact he has gotten as far as he has would tell a thinking leadership they need better candidates than sorry retreads and fools.

    The same for the other party, running that old bag as a “frontrunner” all over again is a guaranteed win for the Republicans. The reason Sanders is beating all in the polls is because he has tapped into the same feelings of most Americans. Sanders is no outsider, regardless of his stance, and neither is Trump. Neither candidate can provide any meaningful change because we have fools in power; we might as well have robots in power.

    Until voters get off their respective backsides and take their country back with real candidates, more political parties and wider avenues of communication, nothing will get better. Since they are too busy playing with their hand held devices, and are oblivious to most of the sources of their problem……. which is themselves……….it will only get worse.

    Blaming any group of people is foolhardy and dangerous. People need to take responsibility for their own lives; it is the voters who slept while their nation was hijacked by the courts in 2000. The Florida supreme court gave the losing candidate the presidency. Those of us who protested could find no avenue to effectively speak out, the media was mute, and the Internet too young. It was a silent coup, and nobody said a word.

    What Bush didn’t do with his assault on our civil rights, Obama finished for him. The voices of the voters are of no relevance, they use obfuscation, lies and propaganda & fill US airwaves with irrelevant stories and diversions. No truth reaches them, and most are too lazy to search. Obama and Clinton are the first two republicans with a d after their names……..

    Spreading more hate isn’t the answer.

  3. Marilyn, don’t get me wrong, it’s that I have fifty years business experience, and my overwhelming evidence is that they lack moral standards, never even try to integrate, disrespect goys to a man & worship money to a fault.

    I have always listened to their waffle that my experiences must be ‘isolated’, but 6 out of seven known dealings with them proved my point, when only ten out of thirty thousand dealings with goy went tits up.

    The Russians, the Hungarians, Czechs & Germans kicked them out, and they claimed anti-semitism. Shem was an Arab, not a jew…. they even stole that epithet to garner unearned sympathy, Elie Weisel was a genius at creating propaganda.

    German folk are threatened with imprisonment should they wish to delve into the real history hidden behind the ‘holohoax’.

    The official number now is 800,000….and none by gas, but it’s not advertised as questions would be asked.

    “Bizniss is Bizniss moy boy, it’s naffing personal”.

    Try telling that to the millions of goyim, conned over the millenia.

    Or the thirty million soldiers killed during the Second World War.

    The dots join themselves.


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