Hillary Agrees To Testify Publicly Over Benghazi Deaths

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“How can we trust that she will not simply lie once more…under oath.”


Hillary Agrees To Testify Publicly Over Benghazi Deaths (ZeroHedge, July 25, 2015):

With the FBI and DoJ now involved in yet another Hillary Clinton scandal – that she sent confidential emails from her personal email server – it seems the ‘presidential’ former Secretary of State has felt pressured to come somewhat clean. While some might argue “what difference does it make?” The Washington Post reports that Hillary Rodham Clinton will testify on Oct. 22 before the House select committee investigating her role in connection with the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya. The testimony – before the committee formed last year – will be in a open setting (apparently against the wishes for privacy that committee chairman, Rep. Trey Gowdy initially requested).

As The Washington Post details,

Hillary Rodham Clinton will testify on Oct. 22 before the House select committee investigating her role in connection with the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya, Clinton campaign spokesman Nick Merrill said Saturday.

The testimony will be public, Merrill said. It follows months of wrangling between the Republican-led committee and Clinton, whose allies accuse the panel of conducting a fishing expedition for damaging material that might be used against her as she runs for president in 2016.

Clinton had long offered to testify in public, but the committee chairman, Rep. Trey Gowdy, had initially said he preferred a private interview. Although he said he was trying to keep the session from becoming a circus, Clinton’s team objected on grounds that a closed session could allow Republicans to selectively leak unflattering details.

Clinton’s lawyer has also accused the committee of trying to drag out its investigation into 2016, the better to use it as a cudgel against the Democratic front-runner.

U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three others were killed when militants overran two U.S. compounds in the restive Libyan city in September 2012, in the waning months of Clinton’s term as secretary of state. She has long said she had no direct role in security decisions surrounding the U.S. facilities, but Republican critics claim that her State Department denied protections that might have prevented the attack.

A spokesman for the committee said Clinton’s lawyer sent a message last night to negotiate Clinton’s appearance before the panel, requesting that the questioning be limited to the events surrounding the Benghazi attack.

The committee says it disagrees, arguing that Clinton’s email arrangement is relevant to the inquiry.

Statement from Select Committee Communications Director Regarding Clinton Testimony

Washington, DC— The Select Committee Communications Director Jamal Ware released this statement regarding reports about for Secretary Clinton’s testimony before the Committee:

“Secretary Clinton’s campaign may want to reach out to her lawyer, Mr. David Kendall, with whom the Committee has had ongoing conversations. As of last night, Mr. Kendall was still negotiating conditions for her appearance, writing: “The first is that, on the grounds of simple fairness and in order to make appropriate preparation possible, the scope of the questioning be consistent with the scope set forth in the resolution establishing the Select Committee on the Events Surrounding the 2012 Terrorist Attack in Benghazi (H.Res. 567 (113th Cong. 2013-14)).” The second condition was that despite the fact that the Department of State has been woefully recalcitrant in producing relevant documents, the hearing date would not change.

“Previously, Mr. Kendall had agreed, while insisting she would appear only a single time before the Committee, that Secretary Clinton would answer all questions the Committee had about Libya, Benghazi, and her unusual email arrangement with herself.

“Her email arrangement clearly falls within the scope of the Select Committee’s jurisdiction, which is charged by the House under the Resolution to look at Executive Branch efforts to comply with congressional oversight as well as the administration’s response in the aftermath of the tragic attacks in Benghazi.

The Committee will not, now or ever, accept artificial limitations on its congressionally-directed jurisdiction or efforts to meet the responsibilities assigned to the Committee by the House of Representatives. Accordingly, once there is an agreement on the date and a better understanding of how, if at all, Secretary Clinton’s lawyer’s latest writing differs from previous ones, the Committee will announce said hearing date.

Of course, given that she already lied…

“I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. There is no classified material,” Mrs. Clinton told reporters in March. “I’m certainly aware of the classified requirements and did not send classified material.”

Today’s data confirms that the former first lady lied and has indeed used her email to send out confidential data on at least one occasion, or rather four:

“In a letter to members of Congress on Thursday, the Inspector General of the Intelligence Community concluded that Mrs. Clinton’s email contains material from the intelligence community that should have been considered “secret” at the time it was sent, the second-highest level of classification. A copy of the letter to Congress was provided to The Wall Street Journal by a spokeswoman for the Inspector General.”

But the shocker is that the 4 emails were revealed when the Inspector General scoured through just 30 of Hillary’s emails, suggeting that based on this random sample, Clinton was sending confidential data well over 10% of the time from her personal account!

“The four emails in question “were classified when they were sent and are classified now,” said Andrea Williams, a spokeswoman for the inspector general. The inspector general reviewed just a small sample totaling about 40 emails in Mrs. Clinton’s inbox—meaning that many more in the trove of more than 30,000 may contain potentially secret or top-secret information.”

How can we trust that she will not simply lie once more…under oath.

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  1. There is nothing she can say that I would believe! She is a pathological liar and has done nothing but lie to the American public. I love how she feels she was broke after leaving the white house. Didn’t bill make 250k per year as president plus all the trading tips he received? If that’s broke then she truly is disconnected from the real world! Most people don’t make that in 5 years let alone in 1…………


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