July 5: Greek Independence Day; July 15: Greek In Dependence Day

And now the Greek people will experience what real pain is …

July 5: Greek Independence Day; July 15: Greek In Dependence Day (ZeroHedge, July 15, 2015):

The Greek parliament just voted, in a 229 for and 64 against landslide, to implement the austerity Europe demands to grant Greece the funds for Bailout #3 so that Greece can then repay European creditors (as opposed to facing up to the pain imminently and suffering through a Grexit) implicitly giving up their sovereignty and sending their 61% “Oxi” voting citizenry into what will inevitably be an even deeper economic depression.



As Bloomberg reports,

A majority of 229 Greek lawmakers voted in favor of bill which includes prior actions demanded by creditors for a bailout agreement that the govt has applied for, Parliament Speaker says.

64 lawmakers voted against bill, 6 abstained, in Greece’s 300-seat chamber

Bill titled “urgent measures for the negotiation and signing of an agreement with the European Stability Mechanism”

38 lawmakers of governing Syriza party, including former finance minister Yanis Varoufakis, former deputy Finance Minister Nadia Valavani, and Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis didn’t support bill

Out of 149 Syriza MPs, 32 voted against bill, 6 abstained, 1 didn’t show up

More to the point, with 38 defections, Syriza has now officially lost its majority and a cabinet reshuffle is imminent as the drama goes on.

And as noted:

But the biggest surprise of the night was that the former finance minister and Tsipras’ right-hand man, Yanis Varoufakis, voted against the bailout.

And his Energy Minister (who also voted No)…


In summary – this just happened:


And because all the algos know is to buy when the elites get their way, S&P futures are rallying


4 thoughts on “July 5: Greek Independence Day; July 15: Greek In Dependence Day”

  1. On the markets, all I can say is this: If anyone truly believes global economics can be declared as the Chinese did their market……..? I have a bridge called Down the Creek Without A Paddle Walkway you have have real cheap. How can any government control the natural cycle of supply and demand economics by citation?

    This is another coup……of the entire Euro Alliance.
    Only the Germans could be so ingenuous……sell cheap and easy credit to a group of poor nations, gain control of their currency, then dump all their debt load onto the backs of the citizens.

    No wonder mankind has spent most of his known history with the majority living in sod huts while a few grabbed everything……..The sod huts are in the future for many (as this site occasionally remarks). Even those on top lived like animals in comparison to our world of clean, hot water, Internet, lighting, mobility……….

    I am in my last days, so likely won’t be around for the Great Implosion that is coming. Dying is a bit like childbirth, you cannot describe it, but when it sets in, you know it.

    This is my favorite site. Over the next few days I will continue to visit as I can.

    Thanks for being here all these years.

    I wish I had something really smart or clever to say, but I don’t.

    Your work has my undying respect.

    • Thank you, Marilyn.

      It’s always good to know you are around.

      I will truly miss you and I am sure all the other readers will miss you as well.

      “What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls the butterfly.”
      – Richard Bach

      I wish for you the highest level of love, truth and freedom.

      And here words completely fail to express my feelings and so all that I can say is …

      Thanks for being with us all these years.

      All the very best for you,

  2. Thank you, friend. I am not gone yet, and I am totally okay with it.
    We are like the rose. A bud forms, breaks forth, and has its season.
    Then, the leaves start to fall off the bud, soon it breaks from the bush and falls into the soil below nourishing it for the next season.
    But, the bush lives on………


  3. Marilyn Gjerdrum, you have touched many peoples lives with your passion. It will be hard when you are gone. We will carry on and try to be worthy of knowing you. Seeking folds of truth though all the deception they would have us believe. The “greedy guts” will have there reckoning day, sorry you will not be with us to see it. I can’t understand what you are going through but it deeply pains me know you have to suffer this way. All of your fans, readers, and I would like to say, even friends will miss your heart felt comments. You will be missed but not forgotten. A fire burns a little hotter in all of us because of “You”.

    Thank You.


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