Is This What The First World Cyber War Looks Like: Global Real Time Cyber Attack Map

Is This What The First World Cyber War Looks Like: Global Real Time Cyber Attack Map (ZeroHedge, July 8, 2015): 

After a series of cyber failures involving first UAL, then this website, then the NYSE which is still halted, then the WSJ, some have suggested that this could be a concerted cyber attack (perhaps by retaliatory China unhappy its stocks are plunging) focusing on the US. So we decided to look at a real-time cyber attack map courtesy of Norsecorp which provides real time visibility into global cyber attacks.

What clearly stands out is that for some reason Chinese DDOS attacks/hackers seem to be focusing on St. Louis this morning.

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Whether this is related to the series of suspicious cyber failures today, is so far unclear, although if there is a connection at least there is a way to keep track of the first global cyberwar in real-time.

4 thoughts on “Is This What The First World Cyber War Looks Like: Global Real Time Cyber Attack Map”

  1. It did give a few of us pause. Watched with great interest. Regardless of the truth, it is always a “technical glitch”.

    Does anyone here think they would tell the truth if it were a cyber war?

    This market is totally rigged. Saw a poll yesterday that claims 75% of all people questioned agree……it is completely controlled by a few greedy guts. Seeing what China is doing with a market also controlled by a few greedy guts certainly ought to be a warning. But, greed overcomes reason every time.

    What is happening in China will happen here because all the good regulations we had for so many years are gone. People may not be putting their houses up to buy stock as they are in China, but if they can borrow the money on their houses, they can well be doing it that way.

    Greedy guts have taken over, and this is why I sincerely hope Greece bails out of the Euro, and the other small nations follow. With China’s meltdown, our markets will respond, regardless of the rigging….China is too big to ignore. It is time for our entire world to slow down. Nothing can grow ad infinitum.

    Greed destroys all reason and creativity.

    I know a man who is a millionaire many times over. At over 75 years of age, he is still working to gain more wealth, regardless he could not spend all of what he has now if he started today……his heirs might have fun spending it. Greed consumed him years ago, he might as well be broke. Inside, he has nothing, and that is what has happened to our entire system….controlled by greedy guts. Nobody can grab enough.

    It is time for our world to slow down. We are headed for a radioactive wall at 1000 miles a minute. It cannot continue.


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