Fun With The Tun Vacs – Chemtrails And Vaccines As Mind Control – Pentagon Video


Jun 23, 2015

From the description:

May make those zombies we keep hearing about.

* * *

Jun 23, 2015


The DOD, Pentagon video was released proving how they are using chemtrails and vaccines as mind control against “over religious” populations in the middle east. Fun-vaccs are a way to take the “God Gene” out of the brain and keep people under mind control.

Chris Kitze joins Pete Santilli to talk about bulk data and your privacy.

About Chris Kitze: Chris Kitze has been taking high technology mainstream since 1987. He’s worked for and created a variety of internet companies including the original Lycos, and He also started and currently runs Before It’s News, a leading alternative news web site and, which provides private and secure communications, based in Iceland.

Also on tonight’s show: Bobby D. House with a Jade Helm update.

About Bobby D. House: Bobby D house was born in Missouri and now lives in the state of West Virginia.He is a family man of 4 children, two grandchildren, and one on the way due in November. He is from a military family full of patriots. He is commander of the Ohio River Valley militia and he also works on fracking equipment in PA. He is a pro Archer and an expert marksman and has worked for the DoD through NTC Fort Irwin and 29 palms.He has trained many boys going overseas for war games. Bobby loves hunting, fishing and camping He is a strong second Amendment supporter and supporter of the Constitution. His quote is the only way they will take my guns is to pry them from my cold dead hands



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Aluminum (780 times over the save level.)

Arsenic (593 times over the save level.)

Manganese (4000 times over the save level.)

Barium (300 times over the save level.)

Zinc (8000 times over the save level.)

Iron (2000 times over the save level.)

Boron (4000 times over the save level.)

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* * *


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“It’s almost time for the great culling to begin.”

Dr. Rima E. Laibow’s husband is Albert “Bert” Newton Stubblebine III a retired Major General in the United States Army. He was the commanding general of the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command from 1981 to 1984, when he retired from the Army.

Added: 2. April 2010

“The WHO Is A Private Corporation Just Like The Federal Reserve And Receives More Than Two Thirds of Its Funding From The Pharmaceutical Industry.”

(As a side note: That Ramtha (i.e. Scamtha) thing, allegedly channeled by JZ Knight, is a complete scam and fraud. Proof can be found all over the internet. So just because the truth was accidentally spoken at this evil place, because Rima Laibow and General Stubblebine were (paid) speakers, does not mean that this is real.)



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