Plague cause of death for star Colorado high school athlete

Plague cause of death for star Colorado high school athlete (RT, June 22, 2015):

Colorado officials have confirmed that a rare strain of plague was responsible for the death of Taylor Gaes, 16, who suddenly fell ill on June 8 and died later that day.

Authorities say the boy likely contracted septicemic plague — effectively a rapidly-moving bacterial infection that enters the bloodstream directly — from infected fleas or a dead animal on his family ranch in Cherokee Park near Fort Collins, according to Larimer County Health Department spokeswoman Katie O’Donnell, the Denver Post reported.

The Larimer County Health Department has called for anyone who attended the boy’s memorial service on his family’s farm to be mindful of any potential flu-like symptoms.

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  1. As one who was rushed into hospital with severe blood poisoning from a surgery I had a while back after breaking my leg, this story caught my attention. Had I not been found when I was, I would no longer be alive. I have no memory of this, but was five days in ICU, and woke up on the 5th day……..they kept me ten days pumping antibiotics into me. There are only two types of antibiotics that work for what ailed me, and they just kept pumping them until they finally got the white count to drop….

    It was not that the hospital where I had the surgery was bad or negligent… is the fact the over cleaning of everything & excessive use of antibiotics has caused bugs to mutate into super-bugs to keep alive.

    Blood poisoning is a problem that has become far more widespread thanks to these super bugs, and this story is one example of how they manage to survive through mutations.

    Thanks for posting it.


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