1 thought on “David Icke: The Tide Is Turning (Video)”

  1. Understanding Icke is a journey of faith. Sometimes his explanations of sequential events border on disjointed fantasy, and only perseverance will eventually focus the full picture he is trying to convey.

    Ridiculed from the beginning for his seemingly nonsensical claims, time has proved him right ad nauseum, to the extent his following has grown exponentially.

    Like everything in life though, it is only right to disagree with certain aspects.

    In the video, as is his regular mantra, he claims that there are lots of jews who do not wish to be associated with what is being carried out in their name.

    He cites but two. I accept that there are many, but, from a viewpoint of 14,000,000 plus world population, a disproportionate percentage of whom dominate the political, commercial and financial world we are run by, it is simply not enough, leading me to reasonably conclude that the majority of the jews in our world condone the deliberate massacre of the Palestinian people.

    In fact the deathly silence after each publication of a killing, is deafening.

    Consequently, whilst I follow Icke religiously, I feel his softly softly approach over the jewish domination of all matters relating to our society, culminating in their destruction of the Palstinians and eventually our freedom is worrying, unless he is afraid of them, which is perhaps, understandable.

    Similarly, I feel strongly that because the loudest jews among us sqwauk that all the evil is “Zionist” based, it is different and thus not on their behalf. But again, they don’t actually condemn any of it in any significant numbers.
    Consequently I feel the “Zionist jew” argument is nothing but a smokescreen designed to confuse matters, as jews have done consistently since at least the time of Christ, their king, which any search will quickly reveal.


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