94% Probability Of The Beginning Of An Ice Age

94% probability of the beginning of an ice age (Ice Age Now, June 13, 2015):

“Over the past 400KY there have been 18 down cycles in insolation and these correlate with 17 sudden downturns in global temperature,” says Dr. Peter Harris. “We have a rapid decline in insolation now.” (His underline, not mine.)

Probability of Sudden Global Cooling

By Dr. Peter Harris

(Excerpt) – The data also clearly shows the nominal 100KY cycle for glaciation and the interglacial phases and it shows that we have reached the end of the typical Interglacial cycle and are due for a sudden cooling climate change.

Based on this analysis we can say that there is a probability of 94% of imminent global cooling and the beginning of the coming ice age.

By observation of a number of natural internal processes we can find further support for the coming change and I have referred before to the confirmed slowdown of the Gulf Stream, the effect of major endothermic polar ice melt and forecast reduction in solar activity after 70 years of extreme activity not seen for 8000 years before. The Stratosphere is cooling and ice is building on the South Pole. Climate is becoming unstable.

Most of these major natural processes that we are witnessing now are interdependent and occur at the end of each interglacial period, ultimately causing sudden long term cooling. “


See also “An Urgent Signal for the Coming Ice Age:”

Thanks to Andrew Stranglen for these links

Note: I posted this article back in 2007, but had forgotten about it. I think it’s worth posting again. Dr Harris is a retired engineer.

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