Putin enacts law banning ‘undesirable’ NGOs

Russian president Vladimir Putin

 – Putin enacts law banning ‘undesirable’ NGOs (AFP, May 23, 2015):

Moscow (AFP) – Russian President Vladimir Putin officially enacted a controversial law banning “undesirable” non-governmental organisations, the Kremlin said Saturday, in a move condemned by human rights groups across the board.

The law allows authorities to bar foreign civil society groups seen as threatening Russia’s “defence capabilities” or “constitutional foundations” and go after local activists working with them, the Kremlin statement said.

Supporters presented the law as a “preventative measure”, necessary after the wave of Western sanctions put in place over the Ukraine conflict.

Under the law, passed by the Russian parliament this week, authorities can ban foreign NGOs and go after their employees, who risk up to six years in prison or being barred from the country.

It also allows them to block the bank accounts of the organisations until the NGOs “account for their actions” to the Russian authorities.

Lawmakers cited the need to stop “destructive organisations” working in Russia, which could threaten the “value of the Russian state” and stir up “colour revolutions”, the name given to pro-Western movements seen in some former Soviet republics over the last several years.

Critics have said that the vague wording of the law — which gives Russia’s general prosecutor the right to impose the “undesirable” tag without going to court — could allow officials to target foreign businesses working in Russia.

Amnesty International called it “the last chapter in the unprecedented repression against non-governmental organisations.”

The measure complements legislation already passed in 2012, which forces NGOs that receive foreign funds to register as a “foreign agent.”

3 thoughts on “Putin enacts law banning ‘undesirable’ NGOs”

  1. US media is beating him up all over for this…..but I understand his logic.
    Fool Americans think Russia is a down and out country, and is sinking……The US propaganda machine doesn’t want the truth known. Russia is one of the few solvent nations in existence.

    Russia is one of the few countries that can afford to buy into the Greece debacle….for the use of their ports. This came out of left field for the ECB and the IMF……they had a stranglehold on Greece’s economy until Russia stepped in.

    So far, every step Putin has made has been for the betterment of Russia, so I am giving him the benefit of the doubt….There are a few hate groups in this country I would like to see banned.

  2. Many of these NGO’s have, since the collapse of the USSR, been covers for de-stabilising Russia.

    Examples : Chechnya, Serbia, Croatia, South Ossettia & now Ukraine.

    All have been engineered conflicts funded by israel/USA.

  3. There really is no smoke without fire.

    My brain is hurting after watching a documentary explaining how the powerful anti nuke bomb movement CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament) was, at the time of Thatcher, targeted for destruction.
    The Greenham Common anti US Cruise Missile Lobby and the contrived London Libyan Embassy Stand-Off culminating in an SAS coup were the trigger to have the Secret Services (MI6) infiltrate hitherto “Genuine & Honest” Campaign Groups for the purpose of either removing their claws or simply trashing them into oblivion as toothless & useless.
    Another growing influence was “Greenpeace”, similarly destroyed by both Gov & Global Agri into ineffective wafflers.
    A cursory search of all sites relating to “Amnesty International” raises so many questions, it seems highly unlikely this isn’t now a CIA Cover Organisation by any other name. remembering they do do seemingly appropriate campaigns as covers for their “unofficial” infiltrations and covert operations on behalf of devious Government.
    So, the squaking by AI does fit in as typical rhetoric. All we really want is someone like Vlad to raise this query so the world can see all the links to US CIA.
    and best of all…..



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