Grexit “Disaster” Looms As Greek Hospitals Run Out Of Sheets, Painkillers


Grexit “Disaster” Looms As Greek Hospitals Run Out Of Sheets, Painkillers (ZeroHedge, May 24, 2015):

“Greek hospitals have run out of supplies such as painkillers, scissors and sheets as budget cuts have left the health service unable to provide even basic provisions for operations and medical procedures,” The Independent reports. With Tsipras still refusing to compromise on campaign “red lines,” the end game is quite clearly approaching.

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  1. I am still awaiting Russia’s play…..they offered the Greeks funding for the use of their ports. Greece has the 3rd largest port in the Euro. One needs only to look at a globe of the world to see how this is a good deal for Russia……

    I have been hearing Greece is going to default for months……and the greedy gut bankers keep the can rolling down hill……Why? The only growth is the level of Greece’s debt. Surely they know Greece cannot pay…….now or ever.

    So, why? My educated guess is that if Greece is allowed to default, the fallout would include exposing the economic fraud of other Euro members. All of them, with the possible exception of Germany, practiced Enron accounting.

    In true Enron tradition, they hid debt in secret accounts and inflated the amount of their real income and net worth. All of them (including Germany) now have debt to GDP in the multiple triple digits……The entire system could collapse, and this is why the greedy guts continue to feed money to Greece.

    Russia is a wild card……I await their play with interest. Russia isn’t under the thumb of the IMF or any other greedy gut bankers……..Russia is actually solvent, and can afford to buy into the Greek mess and profit by it.

    I doubt the ECB, or the IMF figured on Russia….


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