Winter returns with a vengeance in German Alps – Heavy Snow on May 21!!

Winter returns with a vengeance in German Alps (Ice Age Now, May 21, 2015):

Heavy Snow on May 21!! 

3 thoughts on “Winter returns with a vengeance in German Alps – Heavy Snow on May 21!!

  1. We are experiencing an unusually cold May.
    The garden is in disarray with many flowering shrubs browning off with frost damage.
    A cursory glance at the weather map shows that as with California & Greenland, the Jetstream, known as the most efficient tool in the HAARP armory, has been diverted and blocked for several weeks to bring cold arctic air over western Europe.
    We all know what has been going on over the coast off California. Which is resulting in endless drought.
    Next on the agenda is the slowing & sinking of the Gulfstream Current which keeps western Europe warm.
    If that fails, the area will adopt a climate similar to Alaska.

  2. All of these stories denying the obvious…..we are in the midst of a dreadful climate change. Here in CA, we are in Year 5 of a brutal drought that seems to have no end…….Nevada is getting more rain than my former residence in the Rain Forest.

    It was the hottest March on record….as it will be the driest April and May…..We had 1/2 inch of rain in those last two months. We are being roasted alive. If I thought I could move to cold climate, I would pack up tomorrow….

    All these stories listing any place on the planet that got some rain or snow proves nothing, unfortunately. I really wish the planet were cooling….we can live in cold, but not in hot.

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