7 thoughts on “The Server Has Been Hacked …”

  1. To Stanley:
    The glaring problem in the article on the cursed food supply is obvious. Too many greedy guts have taken over the farming industry. They have no concern for the quality of the animal’s lives, only profits. When diseases erupt due to horrible living conditions, millions of animals are affected on ONE farm.

    This greedy gut system has to be wiped out. Farming and animal raising needs to go back into the hands of real people who care about the creatures in their care. Nobody ought to have millions of turkeys and chickens on one farm. It is an outrage to the quality of the animal’s lives, and points out in glaring detail why small farms need a comeback……….ASAP.

    The problem with food, just as with everything else are the greedy guts.

  2. I couldn’t agree more, Marilyn. The sooner automated mass production in the farming industry, with its associated chemical and pharmaceutical reliance is knocked on the head, the safer and more productive and more fully employed we all shall be.


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