San Antonio Woman Fined $2000 For Feeding The Homeless

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San Antonio Woman Fined $2000 For Feeding The Homeless (ZeroHedge, April 16, 2015):

Based on the newsflow in the last few weeks, Americans must increasingly consider themselves lucky just to avoid getting shot in the back or being run over by trigger-happy, heavily armed officers of the law. Unfortunately while we (hope we) mostly jest, the reality is that America has quietly turned into a heavily weaponized police state right under everyone’s noses. A police state in which one doesn’t have to be considered even a remote threat by the authorities to suffer. Consider the completely innocuous act of feeding the homeless, with a permit, which as San Antonio philanthropist Joan Cheever, founder of the nonprofit food truck, the Chow Train, discovered last week was enough to get her ticketed and fined $2000 for feeding the homeless.

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  1. After the US Air Force reputedly zapped the Greenham Common women anti cruise missile protesters with microwaves, it was recorded that cancers within that group were well above normal.

    UK Gov learnt from USAF & now reports say deploy ….

    from vans trawling cities targeting homeless.

    But now they have this…..


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