Mario Draghi Attacked By Protester Screaming ‘End ECB Dick-tatorship’ (Photos & Video)

Moments ago the ECB issued the following statement:

Statement on incident at ECB press conference

The European Central Bank’s press conference was briefly disrupted by a protester today, who jumped on to the stage and threw confetti. Staff from the ECB are investigating the incident.

Security staff took immediate and effective action.

Initial findings suggest that the activist registered as journalist for a news organisation she does not represent. Like all visitors to the ECB, she went through an identity check, metal detector and x-ray of her bag, before entering the building.

ECB President Mario Draghi remained unharmed and calmly proceeded with the press conference.

Draghi Attacked By Protester Screaming “End ECB Dick-tatorship” (ZeroHedge, April 15, 2015):

It was bound to happen sooner or later: moments ago Mario Draghi was attacked by what appears to be a female (non-Greek) protester screaming “End ECB Dick-tatorship” while delivering his prepared remarks.

draghi attacked woman_0

draghi attack 2_0

protster 3_0

protester 4_0

protester 5_0

ECB protester_0

Full video below:

The press conference was briefly halted and has since resumed. 

Photo credit: Reuters, AFP, BBC

1 thought on “Mario Draghi Attacked By Protester Screaming ‘End ECB Dick-tatorship’ (Photos & Video)”

  1. Yeah, it sure was halted, then resumed…..the basis for that protest quickly swept underneath the proverbial Greedy Gut Banker Rug………..

    Pity more people are not paying close attention……it will cost everyone in the world thanks to a few greedy bankers. Greece ought to be the foremost story this week……………instead, lies continue to be issued about it. Bloomberg did cover the degrading of Greek debt today……but only briefly.

    People ought to watch Greece with great care, because what is happening to them will soon happen to the entire western world.

    Bloomberg also briefly covered the fact Russian currency continues to climb in value against the US dollar. Since Russia is one of the few first world economies to actually be making a profit, nobody ought to be surprised. Russia continues to grow, while the EU, Japan and the US continue to build nothing but worthless debt……nothing behind any of this money but ink.

    China is also building huge amounts of debt………Russia is one of the few nations in the world that is growing and building equity……the US and most of the European states used to do the same. Now, they have turned control over to the most ruthless and amoral of humanity……greedy gut bankers.

    We need more such protestors, not less. Lazy Americans and EU members ought to acquaint themselves on such basic topics as Enron Accounting, the breakdown as to how it works and why it has put all EU states into great danger.

    What are the basics behind QE? What are derivatives why they are so dangerous for any open economy? The practice of hedge betting, which anyone who ever played CRAPS might begin to understand…………Debt to GDP ratio, these are all things people better learn about ASAP.


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