Top Six Problems With The IPCC Version of ‘Climate Change’

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Top 6 Climate Change Problems:

1 – The Climate is Changing Unexpectedly

2 – It Is Difficult to Trust What You Hear

 3 – The Future is Uncertain

4 – The Entire Solar System is Shifting

5 – The Sun May Dictate Our Future

6 – Someone is Screwing With the Weather

2 thoughts on “Top Six Problems With The IPCC Version of ‘Climate Change’”

  1. Is it any wonder Joe Bigmac is on board with the Al Gore lying machine?

    The relentless dishing out of adulterated data which has been consistently disproved by genuine scientific observations goes on unabated………

    Here in UK, summer has been wet, miserable, cool & chemtrailed.

    Late blooms & crops, sunlight deficiency, it’s all there….an engineered climate.

    Here’s the latest load of shit…….


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