‘Soft coup’ in Belgrade? Tony Blair becomes advisor to Serbian government as Wall Street plunders state assets


‘Soft coup’ in Belgrade? Tony Blair becomes advisor to Serbian government as Wall Street plunders state assets (Sott.net, March 1, 2015):

With most of the Balkans firmly under the grip of the Atlantic Empire, the empire now seem to be placing their dirty paws on the only place in the region that is left for them to further pillage, plunder and colonize: Serbia. War criminal Tony Blair is back in town, and so are some of the criminals that were directly involved in bombing Serbia in the 1990s. Once Blair arrives in town, fellow warmongering psychopaths can’t be far behind.In 2014 former CIA Director David Petraeus, now chairman of KKR Global Institute, subsidiary of Wall Street vulture capitalist firm KKR & Co., visited Serbia and met with Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic, who welcomed him and his plans with open arms. The theme of their conversation was about ‘attracting foreign investors’ – neoliberal economic-speak for plundering Serbian companies, workers and resources. Petraeus emphasized that KKR Global Institute wanted to contribute to the ‘economic development’ of the country, and that it wanted to turn Belgrade into a ‘center for digitalization’ in the region. We all know what that really means. It seems that they’re following through on such plans: in the last year a significant portion of Serbian media has come under KKR management.

Invest in Serbia
Invest in Serbia: High-skilled, low-cost workers
Maybe the U.S. government’s grip on Serbian media and government can also explain this shameless video that recently appeared on CNN, where the Serbian government boasts about their ‘low-cost, high-skilled workers’ (slaves) in an effort to attract foreign investors (slave-masters). This is the modern face of imperialism: government officials of US client nations today are begging – and even paying – for agents of the empire of chaos to come and mistreat and impoverish their workers in return for kickbacks for the local government officials.The now ‘free’ Serbian government is not only giving away control of its media to its oppressors; it’s bringing in the oppressors to ‘advise’ the government on policy-making. Tony Blair also made regular visits to Belgrade in recent months, but it seems that he’s now staying for good and will be ‘offering his expertise’. As Prime Minister, Vucic has performed quite a turnaround since he – as minister in the Yugoslavian government while Blair was bombing his country – was listed as an editor of a book titled English Gay Fart Tony Blair.

Alastair Campbell, Blair’s propaganda minister between 1997 and 2003, held a lecture in Belgrade recently for employees in Serbian ministries that are responsible for communication with the media, most likely teaching them how to positively ‘spin’ closer EU-Serbian integration. Campbell recently released a book Liars Winners and How They Succeed in which he explains that the way to achieve political success is to avoid outright lies but also avoid telling the truth. The Serbian government further stated that several ministries’ spokespersons recently attended indoctrination training camps in the United States on the same subject, all paid for with EU funds. I wonder why…

The corrupt faux-Muslim oligarchs in the United Arab Emirates have also been in the news of late; they are apparently not only planning to arm the openly fascist regime in Kiev (which they, of course, deny), they’re also financing Blair’s ‘missionary work’ in the Balkans. As a recent article revealed, the U.S. is mostly likely using the UAE as a go-between to supply the Kiev regime with lethal weapons. The same probably holds true for the financing of Blair and his team in Serbia.

In addition, the Serbian Minister of Defense, Bratislav Gašić, was present in Abu Dhabi during the latest International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX), while the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, recently paid a visit to Serbia, meeting with the Prime Minister Vucic. Also, in 2013, Serbia and the UAE agreed to jointly develop and equip the ALAS rocket system. Bearing in mind that the UAE is arming the Ukraine junta, could the recent courting of Serbia be aimed at ‘persuading’ the Serbian government to sell the aforementioned rocket system to Ukraine?

While the media reports that Blair will act as a counselor for the Serbian prime minister, Aleksandar Vucic, it seems that Vucic won’t be the only one getting ‘advised’. During his recent visit to Belgrade, Blair had a meeting with certain Serbian ministers. After the meeting, none of the ministers wanted to disclose what they discussed with Blair, but according to what was originally a Soros Foundation and USAID funded radio and television broadcaster, B92, Blair talked about the “strategy of political action“, “public relations” and “the way in which you should communicate with the media“, all euphemisms, of course, for manipulating public perception.

All these moves suggest that the U.S. has certain plans for Serbia and the population needs be convinced to go along with them. Might it have something to do with the IMF signing a ‘loan’ to the Serbian government almost immediately following Blair’s visit? The terms of the $1.4 billion loan are that Serbia must sell off or shut down hundreds of its state-owned enterprises. Or perhaps it has something to do with convincing the public as to why they should hate Putin and Russia? John Kerry was recently ranting about Belgrade being one of Putin’s targets…

The Atlantic Empire knows that without perception management, people won’t accept their ant-Russian propaganda and IMF dictatorship, whose only goal is the manufacturing of poverty and the imposition of long-term debt-slavery. U.S. Ambassador to Serbia Michael Kirby recently openly boasted about how well their plans for Serbia are progressing, and revealed the true goal behind their engineered break-up of Yugoslavia:

“Maybe people do not believe it because we had to send an army here in the 1990s, which was quite controversial, but really we wanted to create a situation that today we are seeing more and more.

Far from serving merely as an ‘advisor’, Blair could now be basically running the Serbian province government on behalf of the Atlantic Empire. He’s already handpicking a team that will be in charge of various sectors such as: infrastructure, privatization of public companies, direct foreign investment, public administration and agriculture. It’s all rather reminiscent of IMF/US State Department activities in Ukraine, both before and since the Maidan coup d’etat. The only difference seems to be that there was no need for a violent overthrow of the ‘leadership’ in Serbia since they practically handed the country over to their colonial masters without a fight.

We can expect Serbia to become a permanent vassal state of the Empire, and further impoverishment of the country, while the propagandists in charge, using all means at their disposal, try to convince the public why selling off their country is the best thing to do, and why their impossible-to-repay loans are actually helping the country, all the while obscuring the role of the real decision-makers in Serbia.

Vucic is already praising the latest IMF ‘loan.’ A good question to ask is just how many votes does Vucic think he would get in elections if he had clearly stated that he would be cutting pensions and salaries, increasing Serbia’s debt to Western bankers, intensifying cooperation with the IMF and hiring war criminal Tony Blair to be his personal ‘advisor’?


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