Putin’s Trust Rating Hits 85% Historical High


Putin’s trust rating hits 85% historical high (RT, Feb 15, 2015):

The latest poll has shown that 85 percent of Russian citizens trust President Vladimir Putin and 74 percent say they would vote for him if presidential elections were held next weekend.

The poll, conducted by the Public Opinion Foundation on February 7-8 and released on February 13, shows that the current 85 percent trust rating is up from 75 percent in February 2014. The share of those who said they were ready to vote for Putin was also up from 45 percent one year ago.

84 percent of those polled said they approved of Putin’s work as president and only 7 percent admitted they were discontented with it.

The general attitude toward Putin was also mostly positive – 75 percent of Russians said they sympathized with their leader. Fourteen percent said they had both positive and negative sentiments about him and 7 percent reported that their attitude to the president was purely negative.

Other politicians’ ratings remained generally unchanged. Five percent of respondents said that if presidential polls were to be held next Sunday they would vote for the head of the populist-nationalist LDPR party, Vladimir Zhirinovsky. Four percent pledged support to the head of the Russian Communist Party, Gennadiy Zyuganov and 1 percent said they would vote for billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, the founder of the pro-business party Civil Platform.

The head of the Russian Institute of Socio-Economic and Political Research, Dmitry Badovskiy, connected the new surge in Putin’s ratings with Russia’s strong position on the Ukrainian crisis and personal diplomatic success of the president demonstrated at this week’s summit in Minsk. Another factor was people’s hope for Putin’s ability to cope with the ongoing economic crisis and return stability to the national economy.

According to the expert, the results of the research mean that in the conditions of a real presidential election, Putin would win with a result approaching 90 percent.

Putin’s approval ratings were on the rise in Russia last year and in December an overwhelming majority citizens named their president the “Man of the Year” when they chose among other serving Russian politicians.

At the same time, the poll conducted by the Levada Center in October 2014 showed that the majority of respondents did not see the president’s popularity as a potential cult of personality. Only 19 percent said they had noticed features resembling a cult, compared to 27 percent in 2013.

In early December, Putin’s press secretary Dmitry Peskov commented on the surge in the president’s popularity in an interview with RT. Peskov said that in his opinion Putin did not need any publicity, bad or good, and the people’s love for Putin was a manifestation of their love for Russia.

2 thoughts on “Putin’s Trust Rating Hits 85% Historical High”

  1. A man with such popularity isn’t going to have his position DE-stabilized by the US underground players. He is well thought of as a Russian leader, and regarded with respect by thousands of Americans as well.
    Pity our leaders never gain such popularity……..they are all corporate stooges, Putin is not. He is his own man, and as such, is respected. US leaders could learn from him, but they won’t because of the presence of money in US politics. They have to sell out to get elected………….and this is why I am not a king maker…..I was offered such a position thirty years ago. I refused because I had a soul and was not willing to let go of it.
    Putin is the closest to a Napoleon I have seen in my lifetime. I wish he were on our side, but he isn’t because we have fools and traitors in power.
    He stands alone, with much of Russia behind him………….so he isn’t alone

  2. The Russian fear and hatred that was programmed into the people of the world was almost gone. That generation is getting very old or has died. They must work fast to rekindle the fire.

    Its a different world. Putin knows this and he has been strong in the face of the real terrorists. He is standing up to the very people that would enslave us all.

    Except nothing as the truth… question everything.

    If it walks, talks, and smells like a duck, you might have a duck. Maybe.

    Look at the current history and see what has been done and how it affects us and who is taking away our constitution. I think you will see the enemy comes from within. This is the biggest disaster the US/ the world has seen. It makes me very sad to think all the great people that have given their life for what we sleep away. We all should feel shame. When the rest wake up it maybe to late.


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