Putin’s Top Security Advisor: ‘Current US Approach Leads To Inevitable Confrontation With Russia And China’

Nikolai Patrushev

Putin’s Top Security Advisor: “Current US Approach Leads To Inevitable Confrontation With Russia And China” (ZeroHedge, Feb 11, 2015):

“The situation in Ukraine is being used as a pretext for the active ‘repression’ of our country,” Mr. Patrushev, who ran Russia’s Federal Security Service during Mr. Putin’s first eight years as president, said in an interview with the Rossiyskaya Gazeta, published Wednesday.

And, if accurate, Patrushev’s assessment is that the US will not stop short of what effectively will be world war: “The Americans are trying to involve the Russian Federation in an interstate military conflict, cause regime change [in Russia] and ultimately dismember our country via events in Ukraine,” he said.

His punchline, as reported by Bloomberg: “the current US approach will lead to inevitable confrontation with Russia and China.

It hardly needs an explanation.

Finally, Patrushev also brought up another theory often cited by Russian officials: that the U.S. is “trying to seed conflict” around the world as a way to increase its power.

Beginning with the global financial crisis in 2008, the U.S. decided to recover at the expense of others, including with the help of military adventurism and the destruction of full governments, employing the theory of ‘managed chaos‘.”

Considering 7 years after the great financial crisis, the world is still stuck deep in a glboal recession with central banks monetizing more debt than ever before in history while the US oligarchy has never been richer even as the global middle class is left for dead and told to just “buy assets” his observation is rather spot on.

2 thoughts on “Putin’s Top Security Advisor: ‘Current US Approach Leads To Inevitable Confrontation With Russia And China’”

  1. If this is true, the US will lose. Most of the world will side with them, not us. All our credibility and trustworthiness is gone. We are seen as aggressive and unreasonable bullies. We have fools in power who have destroyed our hard earned respectability. As a world power, we are finished now the world reserve currency has been rendered obsolete.

  2. I don’t know what fools make decisions in the US, it sure is not the people who are sick of endless wars, rising food and shelter costs…….everything is going through the roof because our money is losing value very quickly. A drinking fountain for my cats, which cost $30.00 six months ago, now costs $50.00. It is totally insane.

    It is like the enemies of our people are making decisions, and all of them are wrong. A regime change in Russia is absurd. The people appreciate Putin greatly, and he is very popular around the world………….Obama is despised.
    It sickens me to see what the US has become, I cannot recognize the nation of my youth.


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