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  1. The comment most of man has a memory of 36 hours because he listens to the media misses the point. Most intelligent people who can bear to face the truth never listen to US media, or any other corporate drivel. I have heard this all before…….sorry, we need more than meeting where people claim to know when the collapse will happen, and how bad it will get. Most of them miss the point completely………..in my view.
    1. The US national debt is too high to ever be paid off. The interest payments, carried by a private bank, the FED, are in the hundreds of millions a year…..soon it will be billions. As long as the US dollar was the world reserve currency, the FED felt safe in doing this. Now technology has rendered the need for any world reserve currency obsolete. 70%+ of world nations have dropped the use of the dollar to close international transactions, making the dollar more and more superfluous, the FED is likely to change its view.

    2. The US as an industrial giant has been gutted. There is nothing left here of great value except miles and miles of land. But, Canada has much of that, too, and is not deeply in debt.

    3. Putin’s BRICS has built an international economy almost identical to the one established by those using a world reserve currency, except that technology has made it possible for all nations to use their own currencies, leaving the dollar, or any other foreign currency out. It has completely surrounded the US, including Canda, South and Central America, Cuba, Japan, China, Russia, India, Brazil, South Africa and most emerging African nations. Now, OPEC has kicked the petrodollar out, and will soon openly join BRICS. Right now, they just trade with BRICS, using their own currencies, leaving the dollar out. Turkey, Qatar, Iran and many other middle east nations have all joined with Putin’s BRICS and/or the Eurasian Union.

    4. Besides relying on the FED to keep the national debt current, the US relies on the EU to continue to use the dollar. When that fails, so will go the US dollar. Already Germany, France and the UK (among other EU members) are finding alternative trade avenues to avoid the dollar. It is but a matter of time.

    5. When a nation becomes totally reliant upon the acts of others, it is in deep trouble. None of this is a surprise to Putin.

    6. While the US works (unsuccessfully) to destabilize nations around Russia, trying desperately to make the world believe Russia is invading the Ukraine, and other nonsense, it only takes simple reasoning to realize if Russia invaded any other nation, the war would be over, and they would win. Only the US fools around with tiny countries with fool problems. Russia, like it’s trading partners, is too busy making money to waste time on worthless wars.

    7. The US seems to think it has a corner on destabilizing nations, US leaders need to remember Putin was a key figure in the KGB as well as being a master chess player. Greece is falling into his hands, Spain, France and Italy will follow. One need only look at a globe of the world to see why he wants to target these key positions first.

    8. The US has replaced diplomacy with bullying. Russia now plays the games the US once did, offering of money and support to struggling nations. Throwing the banks out is step #1. BRICS has no interest in assuming any of these foolish, and highly packed debts.

    9. People need to stop thinking old US economy, and realize the game has changed. No world reserve currency, an open basket of currencies, these are but a few of the new Post American economy.


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