Crude Crumbles To Fresh Lows: $43 Handle

Crude Crumbles To Fresh Lows: $43 Handle (Zerohedge, Jan 29, 2015):

Yet again this morning’s “bounce” to $45 was heralded as maybe possibly could be the stability that markets are looking for. And once again it was not as WTI makes fresh cycle lows to a $43 handle.. and once again, energy stocks plunged back to energy credit’s reality

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  1. For years, greedy guts have kept oil high regardless gas prices were over the top while the real economies of the world were crumbling. Wall Street has had it all, the real economies were ignored. Now, the truth can no longer be ignored, the real economy is in fact the only economy.

    OPEC’s kicking the petrodollar to the curb almost two months ago was the final straw for greedy guts and the false Wall Street economy. Yesterday, Visa split 4:1 so they could pump the economy………….today, the markets are down again. The truth is that the banking industry is in bigger trouble than anyone acknowledged, and now it is too late. The US dollar is used by the EU and the US…..that is about it.

    The US no longer has the power or the money to hide another collapse, and that is what we are having. The fools think the cheap gas prices are a good sign…..they are only part of a growing deflation that will kill the FED deals…… is truly out of control now. The real economy continues to die, and no market can go on as this one has without a living, growing market…..the money is gone…..and the FED is no longer a world economic power.

    This is why the US is trying for wars everywhere……but they can get no allies or coalition…….Russia is the opposite. The power has shifted east, and if man is alive in a thousand years (I doubt it), it will shift west once again. It happens every thousand years. Look at history.


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