1 thought on “King Dollar CATastrophe: Currency War Drags Dow Down Almost 300 Points”

  1. The reality is that King Dollar is only a king in the minds of the idiots on financial TV, who ought to know better now that 70% of the world no longer completes international deals using the dollar. We are down to the Euro. If Greece leaves, and tells the banks to go to hell, perhaps more will follow that sensible path, and start looking out for their national best interests instead of a few greedy guts.
    We will see…..but 300 points in such a rigged market is nothing….not when it goes up a trillion dollars in less than a week, regardless all that are going on in volume are sales.

    The US is in deep trouble. Politically, economically and socially. It has lost face with the world, it is despised by all nations, including some in the Euro. Russia, on the other hand, is respected and looked to for the beacon of light the US used to offer.

    My economist friends say China will be the #1 economy by 2020. Regardless of the numbers because the Chinese lie as much as the US does……I think it will be Russia. Leadership, and a #1 economy has to do with trustworthiness and dignity as well as money. The US is living proof.

    It takes more than just money to be #1, it requires credibility. The endless lies and twisted tales coming out of the US about Putin only make the US look more like losers, and very poor ones at that. Nobody believes any of it. When the lies come out of the UK, it is just another mouthpiece for the US, and the world knows it.

    300 points? I’ll be interested when it is 800 points, then it might mean something.


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