The Mysterious Sponsor Behind The Ferguson Protests And Media Campaign: George Soros

Divide et impera, entertainment and diversion from current (much more important) events.

Will the people ever learn?


The Mysterious Sponsor Behind The Ferguson Protests And Media Campaign: George Soros (ZeroHedge, Jan 17, 2015):

In an apparent effort to “keep the media’s attention on the city and to widen the scope of the incident to focus on interrelated causes — not just the overpolicing and racial discrimination narratives that were highlighted by the news media in August,” liberal billionaire George Soros donated $33million to social justice organizations which helped turn events in Ferguson from a local protest into a national flashpoint.

As The Washington Times explains,

There’s a solitary man at the financial center of the Ferguson protest movement. No, it’s not victim Michael Brown or Officer Darren Wilson. It’s not even the Rev. Al Sharpton, despite his ubiquitous campaign on TV and the streets.Rather, it’s liberal billionaire George Soros, who has built a business empire that dominates across the ocean in Europe while forging a political machine powered by nonprofit foundations that impacts American politics and policy, not unlike what he did with

Mr. Soros spurred the Ferguson protest movement through years of funding and mobilizing groups across the U.S., according to interviews with key players and financial records reviewed by The Washington Times.

The handouts, as The Daily Mail reports, revealed in tax filings from Soros’s private foundation, were given to dozens of different groups which weighed in on the crisis.

Organizers from professional groups in Washington, D.C., and New York were bussed into the Missouri town to co-ordinate messaging and lobby to news media to cover events using the billionaire’s funding.

The cash was reportedly funneled into keeping up numbers of protesters in the community over a period of months by bringing in outside activists.

Meanwhile papers from think tanks were disseminated to bring in extra coverage of the civil unrest, also linked to the police killings of Eric Garner in Staten Island and Tamir Rice, 12, in Cleveland, Ohio.

The slew of organizations reportedly created their own online ‘echo chamber’, by using their extensive social media presences to ‘like’, repost and comment on articles putting across their point of view.

The director of Soros’s fund said that they have no direct control over the groups they give to, and said they are all trying to improve accountability. He told the Washington Times:

“Helping groups combine policy, research [and] data collection with community organizing feels very much the way our society becomes more accountable.

The incidents, whether in Staten Island, Cleveland or Ferguson, were spontaneous protests – we don’t have the ability to control or dictate what others say or choose to say.”

The Soros cash was also put to work driving buzzwords and social media campaigns to propel Ferguson into the national consciousness.

One recipient of his funding is the Organization for Black Struggle, which in turned established a group called the Hands Up Coalition, that has helped make ubiquitous the “hands up, don’t shoot” slogan.

Soros also gave money to the Drug Policy Alliance, which worked on the perpetuation of the ‘black lives matter’ buzz phrase, which has been incorporated into speeches by political figures including Hillary Clinton.

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2 thoughts on “The Mysterious Sponsor Behind The Ferguson Protests And Media Campaign: George Soros”

  1. Seeing the two greedy gut billionaires rescue the two hedge funds was remarkable in that the creeps in the shadow, two fat greedy guts actually showed their faces. Usually, they do their work in the shadows, like that despicable George Soros. I remember the big ads in the WSJ supposedly the onset of

    I went to one Move On meeting. They had the press there, I was wearing a black t-shirt that said Impeach Bush, they told me to leave. Needless to say, I did, and put it out everywhere I could. That organization was Soros, too.

    These evil greedy guts who take a local issue and take it to international heights, fooling the mindless are always to hide other things. I never pay mind to them, but US media plays them without end. Diversion to hide real truths. Reminds me of a prophecy I read once “there will be” wars and rumors of wars, but……and goes on to say life goes on in front of you. TV has changed that, it plays out scenario after scenario while people sit there watching mutely.

    This is the first time in modern history where a person can be born, live and die doing nothing but watching. That is the horror of television, which once offered such hope of education……….I don’t think this has ever happened before; at least nowhere in known history.

    This story does not surprise me. I despise George Soros, Warren Buffet and all the lying greedy guts who have destroyed our world with their greed.

    I recently had someone I have known all my life die very suddenly. He wasted his entire life trying to become one of the greedy guts, chasing the brass ring, and he woke up dead one morning after doing nothing but working endlessly without benefit. I know we see our own lives when dying, I nearly died in November of 2005, and you see and remember everything. I was fortunate, I realized I had done far more good than harm……I wonder if he had any end of life moral inventory….and if he did, what did he see? I wonder what a dead creature like George Soros will see?

    Our lives are so short. Living in a coastal rain forest for a dozen years made me realize how alive our planet is, and how small we are in comparison. The planet will wash us away as effortlessly as we might wash an ant off a sink……….and all of this is sound and fury signifying nothing.


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