2 thoughts on “Online petition urges ‘Nuremberg for Israel’ over ‘genocide of Palestinians’

  1. What about Nuremburg for Japan? They are dumping plutonium into the Pacific because their BS frozen wall game failed. The ocean is already near total death, poor creatures who have lived there safely for centuries are dying in droves. Because they are poisoned with radioactive garbage, the vulture animals won’t eat them when they beach to die. Our beaches are littered with them, there are no services to removed them safely…..the ocean will soon be completely dead, and the stench will be unbearable….
    God damn the Japanese. I wish Truman has blown them off the face of the earth……how can they be so irresponsible, all of us will soon be dead thanks to them.
    A friend of mine said he would like to get me to move to Washington state with him…..they are oblivious to what is happening, and that is the worst of it all.
    Thank the US media for their ignorance.
    This is happening much quicker than anyone dreamed. Scientists gave us till 2016 before the ocean died. My numbers gave us until some time in 2015…..I fear it will be sooner…..
    When the ocean dies, so will we.
    The denial is beyond belief.

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