Russian Defense Minister Tells Troops “To Be In State Of Constant Battle Readiness”

Russian Defense Minister Tells Troops “To Be In State Of Constant Battle Readiness” (ZeroHedge, Aug 6, 2014):

Having discussed his view that the Ukraine government is at fault for worsening the conflict, Russia’s Putin explained to Angela Merkel that a “rising civilian toll has created a humanitarian crisis in Ukraine.” However, it was Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu’s comments that “the world has changed and changed dramatically,” demanding that his troops “must be in constant combat readiness,” are the most disconcerting as his strong tone in the following clip appears to confirm Poland and NATO’s fears.

Putin’s conversation with Merkel…

Russian President Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke by phone, exchanged views on “intensifying crisis situation” in Ukraine, Kremlin says in e-mailed statement.


Putin says “real political dialogue” needed between authorities in Kiev and representatives of rebels

Offensive by Ukrainian forces in southeast leads to mounting civilian toll, humanitarian problems: Putin

Shoigu starts talking (in Russian) at around 30 second mark, clip includes coverage of the military drills that are under way…

Excerpted Transcript (via NTV),

Sergey Shoigu, Russia’s Defense Minister said that “Peacekeeping units should be in a state of constant battle readiness.”

He added: “The world has changed, and has changed dramatically. As you know from previous examples, including in the brigade, peacekeeping units can be activated without warning.”

After checking the 15th motorized rifle brigade of peacekeeping forces, the defense minister said that now all peacekeeping brigades are staffed exclusively by contractors, reported “Interfax”.

Meanwhile, the humanitarian crisis in eastern Ukraine is getting worse by the day. Today the problems of those who are located in the eastern Ukraine zone where the Ukrainian army has been dispatched was discussed at an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council.

According to recent reports, the casualties of the conflict now amount to 1,400 people, with more than four thousand injured. In addition, about 300,000 people have fled their homes.

*  *  *

“Prepare for the unexpected,” Shoigu concludes…


2 thoughts on “Russian Defense Minister Tells Troops “To Be In State Of Constant Battle Readiness”

  1. Peacekeeping units? How Orwellian. War making units are more to the truth. Constant, endless war is now the norm…….we are destroying ourselves.

  2. It begins to look like Obama will get his way… another world war with Russia. Only this time, we won’t be victors showered in rose petals…….just miserable troublemakers.
    The evil people who have control of the US are destroying us. Obama and others are sock puppets.
    Until today, I thought Putin was too smart, but on the other hand, I understand they need to protect themselves from the US puppet government in the Ukraine and all the war equipment showing up……I just cannot believe how quickly this is happening, and the cursed warmongers win again. More wars and munitions contracts for greedy guts at US expense regardless we are bankrupt. Even if we took over Russia, it would not help us economically, just the war contractors.
    Does anyone else remember the truck full of gold in Iraq and how it magically vanished?
    I am so sick of this.

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