Costs? US Exports To Russia Collapse 34%

Costs? US Exports To Russia Collapse 34% (ZeroHedge, Aug 6, 2014):

While Jack lew promised the economic impact on the US economy of Russian sanctions would be minimal, the facts suggest the opposite. Admittedly, Russia is not the US’ largest trade partner but escalating sanctions have resulted in a 34% collapse in US exports to Russia – the largest absolute drop since 2010. Imports (from Russia) also fell (for the 3rd month in a row) but while the US is suffering ‘costs’ it is clear Russia is hurting more (for now – as Putin is set to unleash his countermeasures). Since sanctions began Russian stocks are up 9.5% and the S&P up 4.5% but the spread has collapsed in recent weeks.

1 thought on “Costs? US Exports To Russia Collapse 34%

  1. Sure, who cares about the American farmer, or any other exporter? This is all about greedy guts, and all I can say is I wish them the worst that can befall them. They have destroyed our world, stolen our wealth, now they want to vanquish us in more war.
    Who will they steal from next? China is in worse shape than the US, but they have a new trading partner to buy vehicles and hardware….India is overrun with people, perhaps they will plant a plague there……..Brazil? I don’t know, but these people are of no nation and have no allegiances beyond profit…….

    Dear God, how I despise thieves and crooks. What happens to a world when criminals take over? Just look at our’s?

    Look at how city cops are turning into Brown Shirts. I have lived a long life, and it seems to me it have now circled around completely……we are back to Nazi Germany, black out curtains…….all of these dreadful things we thought could never happen again……and they have. It is time for me to go, I have already seen all of this before, and don’t want to see it again.

    This is why people are only given a few years on this planet, the repetition would drive us mad. I remember my first husband telling me he believed I would do and become all I wanted because of my strong personality. Then he said that the repetition of it all would drive me nuts……he was spot on. I cannot live through another Nazi era, the first was so dreadful.
    I remember seeing workers in hospitals and cafeterias with numbers on their wrists, the most sensitive part, to cause the most pain when tattooing…….they were like aliens….bitter, and uninterested in anything around them. They were the walking dead, the evil and horrors they survived had destroyed them. They were shadows of their former selves…..and such will happen again. All that mattered, those they loved and knew were already dead…..they could only await their own deaths.

    Man’s inhumanity to man is dark and knows no limits to cruel and vicious behavior.

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