Glenn Greenwald: Cash, Weapons And Surveillance: The U.S. Is A Key Party To Every Israeli Attack

Cash, Weapons and Surveillance: the U.S. is a Key Party to Every Israeli Attack (The Intercept Aug, 4, 2014)

1 thought on “Glenn Greenwald: Cash, Weapons And Surveillance: The U.S. Is A Key Party To Every Israeli Attack”

  1. I have followed him for years, the Guardian lost a lot when their government forced them to make him resign. He is an excellent reporter, and I agree with what he says……..the US is behind Israel’s attacks, they could not be acting alone. They are the ultimate puppet, but it is wise to recognize they act with the US behind them.

    The biggest problem is the fact the US is despised by all. Putin’s new economic system has been adopted by the world’s largest economies……the US is broke. Therefore, Israel is supporting the wrong side & will pay dearly. Nothing worse than supporting the wrong horse at the Derby………

    The US is falling, and falling fast. Having Israel on their side is costing them, but the leaders are too stupid to realize it. The US is despised, Israel is hated. We are in a miserable situation. It is no longer up to the US what will happen in the world…….it is BRICS. BRICS is composed of emerging economies, the US is a 20th century shell.

    We are finished as a world power. Thanks to GW Bush, and his corporation enriching useless wars, we are now broke with no way to restore our former greatness. It reminds me of the nursery rhyme: “Humpty dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty dumpty had a great fall. Nor all the kings horses, or all the kings men could put Humpty Dumpty back together again.”

    We are finished. World reserve currency status has been destroyed. We could not pay Germany half their gold back…….we are seen as losers around the world. When Germany said to forget it……..what a slap in the face. Any nation with any pride would have worked to repay it.

    This pathetic act finished it. Any country with an ounce of pride would have acted to repay ASAP. This is what we have fallen to with our corporate leaders…… pride, no dignity and worse, no hope. That was the low point, like building a dresser with pine instead of maple. No dignity, pride or hope. How low have gone the great…….


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