California And Ukraine National Guard Gear Up For Military Collaboration In 2015

California and Ukraine National Guard gear up for military collaboration in 2015 (RT, Aug 2, 2014)

1 thought on “California And Ukraine National Guard Gear Up For Military Collaboration In 2015

  1. CA national guard? The same people we need desperately to help with the ongoing fire season which is now about 8 months out of the year. This is pure madness, we have criminals in control, and no way to get rid of them.

    Look at the CA and OR coasts, along with the ones in Washington State and Alaska. Dead sea creatures, millions of them are washing ashore……I think we need them here, to hell with the puppet government trying to take over the Ukraine. The Ukraine people (this really angers the mindless MSNBC watchers) see themselves as Russian, and all the free ammo and training will not hinder them in their growing quest to be free of western financial domination.

    Putin, along with Brazil, India, China and South Africa have all set up a multi currency fund equaling $100 billion in order to make loans and provide support for smaller countries that want freedom from US domination. It was a brilliant move, I sure wish we had such intelligence in our government. This step empowers many nations, allowing them to join (like a credit union) BRICS and dump the dollar completely.

    Many nations who have already joined (I have been watching this story carefully since it started in 2010) are enjoying a freedom purchasing or selling with other nations without converting first to the dollar. Electronic currencies make it possible to trade directly, technology translates the value of each currency at the time of transaction.

    The US made some fatal errors. Some are human, bullying is one, threats and sanctions are others, and the world is sick of US bullying and threats. By 2010, it became apparent the US would do nothing to clean up their act, or do a thing to remedy the damage caused by crooks on Wall Street. Entire nations went bankrupt…..but they did nothing. As a result, the world started moving away from the US, and the basket of currencies was a master stroke.

    The worst was not repaying Germany half their gold. That proved to the entire world the US is totally broke, and is running on what is left of world reserve currency power…..and that is shrinking every week.

    Russia, China, India, Most emerging African nations, many nations in Central and South America, Turkey, Iran, many other middle eastern nations, New Zealand, Australia, and
    many other nations I cannot remember have all dumped the dollar. The multi currency basket is a winner, and it was a master stroke to undercut and end US financial domination.

    Add in the fact the FED (a private bank) has been carrying 85% of the national debt to keep it current is terrifying.

    Should the EU join with them, the dollar will collapse. That is how close the US is to collapse. We have idiots in power, and I only hope that when the crash happens, all of them get thrown out on their respective backsides.

    Germany was offended by US spying as is the rest of the world. The US ignored all of them. Result: we have no friends left. Russia and Germany are discussing joining together with their basket of currencies. If Germany goes, so will the rest of the EU. If that happens, the dollar will collapse the next day…….this is really serious.

    Meanwhile, in US media, Disgraceful behavior of Israel on CNN, HLN is tabloid, Iraq Kurds want freedom CNNI, BBC world’s most dangerous roads, UN Chief upset with Israel, OAN, FBD world’s cheapest meals, MSNBC Caught on camera, CNBC paid program, CNBCW Inside China, AJAM. Afghan election results, Bloomberg, paid program. Nothing of value, nothing that goes any place, just corporate filler and spin.
    It is time people demand our people come home and deal with the real problems. CA is being destroyed, so they send guardsmen to the Ukraine? This has to stop.

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