Obama Sued: House Authorizes Lawsuit Against President With 225-201 Vote


Obama Sued: House Authorizes Lawsuit Against President With 225-201 Vote (ZeroHedge, July 30, 2014):

Argentina defaults; Russia, Ukraine, Libya, Israel, Gaza, Iraq all in a state of (hot or otherwise) war, the worst Ebola epidemic in the history of Africa, and now Obama is getting sued.

And from Reuters:

The Republican-led U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday cleared the way for the launch of a lawsuit accusing President Barack Obama of overstepping his authority in carrying out his landmark healthcare reform law.

The 225-201 vote, along party lines, to authorize the suit will allow House lawyers to draft legal documents over a five-week summer recess starting on Friday.

It cements the action as a lightning rod for months of bitter campaign rhetoric from both Republicans and Democrats ahead of November elections that will determine the political control of Congress next year.

The suit is expected to claim that Obama exceeded his executive authority in making unilateral changes to the Affordable Care Act, known as Obamacare.

And then this:

If this doesn’t send the S&P to new record highs tomorrow, the Fed better find another market to rig.

Incidentally, for those confused, this is nothing but more theater. If the GOP, i.e., the orange folding lawnchair, really wanted to go after Obama, they would have impeached.

Meanwhile, somewhere in the bowels of the Kremlin, Putin is cackling like a madman.

6 thoughts on “Obama Sued: House Authorizes Lawsuit Against President With 225-201 Vote”

  1. Wow not a single comment! CMON PEOPLE! Don’t you care anymore? Or is too many people without a job and internet connection now?

  2. Could it also be people who do have an internet connection are more into Face Crap? I think 3/4ths of the Americans are under mind numbing drugs so they don’t care as long as their social check comes in!

  3. Oh and one last thing. This is actually the right way to go because if Obama were to be inpeached the system is rigged for the press to howl on anybody doing so!

    With suing Obama can still get into some serious trouble but not lose his seat which will make the negative press back off.

    Remember the Bill Clinton failure which was rigged to favor him? The Conservatives I *hope* have learned their lessons on not going too forward or they will be bullied into submission.

  4. This is just another way to promote gridlock and do nothing but grab money for their greedy gut political campaigns. Obama isn’t much better, but if they would not impeach Bush/Cheney for their dreadful war crimes, leaving an estimated million Iraq citizens dead (Bush said they didn’t count, it didn’t matter much……..F**king barbarian!) and over 4 million homeless. This was a nation that had done nothing to the US.
    It won’t happen. The US is on the precipice of total economic collapse, and they screw around with this garbage. Do anything but the people’s business…….and we cannot afford such gaggles of idiots any longer.

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