US ‘News’ Lying Sack Of Spin Warmonger: ‘It’s In The Hamas Charter They Want To Kill All Jews’


Jesus & Santa Are White – Megyn Kelly On Fox News (Video)

US ‘News’ lying sack of spin warmonger: ‘It’s in the Hamas charter they want to kill all Jews’

2-minute interview

FOX News (sic) interviewed Anna Baltzer, an ongoing hero to expose Israeli apartheid and now genocide upon Palestinians. This is the type of “coverage” Americans receive from corporate media, and why every other nation but America have negative polling data of Israel’s government.

I’m sure how Ms. Kelly communicates in this excerpt is typical:

Megyn Kelly: “How is Israel supposed to fight back against an organization whose entire mission is the destruction of Israel? I mean it’s in the Hamas Charter that they want to kill all Jews.”

Anna Baltzer: “Hamas is a red herring. The policies Israel has against the Palestinian people have been going on for decades. The policies Israel is enacting is part of a pattern that goes back decades before Hamas was in existence. And if anyone who is very serious about seeing a lasting peace in the area has to address the root causes of the violence: and that has to do with the suffocating blockade Palestinians have been living under, the brutal occupation Palestinians have lived under for more than 40 years, and the ongoing displacement and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians for more than 60 years.

Anyone who really wants to seek peace has to address these underlying issues.”

Anna is correct, of course, that the overwhelmingly obvious and main issue is Israel’s unlawful War of Aggression upon Gaza through their military siege by land and sea. This mirrors US history of unlawful Wars of Aggression that blame the victims, pretend to be “defensive,” and claim to help with “regime change” (and here).

Please be clear that this is unlawful war by Israel, with gutting-effects on Palestinians’ quality of life, now combined with armed attacks to destroy hospitals, schools, water, and electricity. Full documentation:

Confused about Hamas, ‘rockets’, war in Gaza? Those plus: Israeli occupation, lawful versus unlawful war, Israel illegal weapons, targeting hospitals

Israeli Lawyer Doesn’t Deny Nuremberg Crimes on Palestinians (What the Nazis Did to the Jews)

Regarding Ms. Kelly’s assertion that Hamas’ charter states “they want to kill all Jews,” similar to ongoing rhetoric that “Iran wants to wipe Israel off the map,” I contacted Anna to provide her with this refutation of both lies:

Game-changing US/Israel lies: Hamas and Iran demand Palestinian justice, not to ‘destroy Israel’

As the Hamas text, context, and comprehensive history with precedents clearly show, Hamas and Palestinians want political freedom from Israel neocolonialism, but US/UK/Israel and other warmongering “developed” nations’ governments with corporate medias demonize the victims.

Conclusion: As I’ve often expressed, US military, government (including law enforcement), and millions of Americans (including all California public employees) have Oaths to “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” It’s hard to imagine a worse domestic enemy than those who knowingly lie for unlawful attack on foreign countries, resulting in millions of war-deaths.

I recommend demanding immediate arrests because war law is so clear with US/Israel violations so “Emperor’s New Clothes” and “Big Lie” obvious, the importance to remove these people from power of literally life-and-death urgency, and because Wars of Aggression is the Orwellian opposite of upholding the US Constitution and the promised peace from all our families’ sacrifices of opposing imperialism, two world wars, and neocolonialism extending to our world of the present.

Additional context of US role in this neocolonialism:

No wonder that people around the world view the US as the greatest threat to peace; voted three times more dangerous than any other country.

3 thoughts on “US ‘News’ Lying Sack Of Spin Warmonger: ‘It’s In The Hamas Charter They Want To Kill All Jews’”

  1. Bull. They want to kill all the Arabs, the Iranians, and maybe their own people……not the rotten Jews or Japanese….or the Saudis. Without Saudi income, the US would be screwed, they are whores of the Saudis.
    Kill the Jews? Look at what the US is supporting right now. Israel is committing genocide, just like the damn Japs.

    • You’re wrong. Jews are allowed to defend themselves. Jews would be friends to Arabs immediately if the latter would stop trying to kill them.


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